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Woodcraft Folk’s General Council June update

Woodcraft Folk’s Trustee Board met online on June 16th to consider the Annual Report and accounts. Woodcraft Folk’s Trustees are all volunteers, elected from the movement. They come together every few months to ensure Woodcraft Folk is well run. Their last meeting had a finance focus, during which they met the auditors.

The auditors reported that Woodcraft Folk is in good financial health and they see evidence of improvements in financial management and practice at both a local and national level. Trustees wish to thank all those volunteers who are involved in producing budgets and financial returns. The auditor reflected that there was a time when volunteers would submit a carrier bag of receipts and that now returns were made on a spreadsheet making the whole process easier and transparent for all!

During the meeting the Trustee Board also received an update on Common Ground and confirmed plans for the Annual General Meeting. To find out more about Woodcraft Folk’s Trustee Board visit their website or join them at the AGM on August 3rd 2022.

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