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Woodcraft Folk welcomes Fundraiser Cici to the team!

Cici Carey-Stuart (xe/xem or he/him pronouns) joined Woodcraft Folk’s staff team last week as the new Fundraiser for Legacy and Individual Giving. Xe will be developing the charity’s fundraising strategy around individual donors, as the first staff member dedicated to individual giving. Xe will be running donation campaigns such as the upcoming Champions for Children campaign; reaching out to alumni and affiliate organisations; and refreshing the Friends of the Folk scheme.

Cici has come to Woodcraft Folk from working with charities ranging from LGBTQ+ rights to classical music. Xe is also an alumni of Woodcraft Folk’s Hastings District Elfins, Pioneers and Venturers, and the national TREE program. Because of how much Woodcraft Folk meant to xem as a child, xe always knew xe’d be back one day to help empower the next generation of young people. Xe’s looking forward to working with the Woodcraft Folk team, its membership and many supporters to help fund the youth organisations work into the future.

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