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Woodcraft Folk takes part in alternate remembrance service making 90th anniversary of white poppies

This year Peace Pledge Union (PPU), one of the UK’s longest-running pacifist organisations, is marking the 90th anniversary of White Poppies. White Poppies were originally available through the Co-operative Women’s Guild, made up largely of women who had lost their husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and friends in the first world war. They were troubled by the growing militarisation of remembrance events and campaigned for peace. White poppies been worn ever since as a symbol of remembrance for all victims of war and a commitment to peace.

Today, PPU distributes white poppies every year, wreaths of white poppies are laid at alternative remembrance ceremonies around the UK and the world. This year, Woodcraft Folk collaborated with PPU to create an activity pack, encouraging groups to take part in activities around peace and white poppies. 

On Remembrance Sunday, Woodcraft Folk members from Highgate and Holloway and Camden joined the PPU Alternate Remembrance Day ceremony in Tavistock Square, London and laid the wreaths made by their groups as part of the ceremony. 

Groups across the country have also taken part in activities around white poppies such as in Norwich, Glasgow Southside Woodies and Stirling with many using the wreath activity packs created by PPU and Woodcraft Folk.

Woodcraft Folk has always been passionate about young people being empowered to create a peaceful and more fair future and hope to continue partnership with PPU in the future. 

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