Woodcraft Folk staff

Woodcraft Folk operates across the UK, with our head office team in London supporting volunteers, parents and children. We have a small staff team in Scotland and Wales who support our volunteers in those countries and also have staff at a number of our outdoor centres.

Please get in touch with any of us on the details below.

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Debs McCahon, Chief Executive Officer

Email: deborah.mccahon@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07845372267

As CEO I support the Heads and take a lead on governance, fundraising and partnership working. I am always keen to discuss new opportunities to improve the experiences of children and young people.




Owen Sedgwick-Jell, Head of Membership & ProgrammesFile 5699

Phone: 07419 209290

I oversee Woodcraft Folk's development projects across the UK, which currently includes projects in the Eastern Region and in Scotland. I joined the Folk's staff team as part of the New Groups Project in 2015. As well as supporting our development staff to grow new groups, I plan and deliver leader training, and work to improve the guidance and resources that are avaialable to support all our volunteers.



Richard Burgess-Gamble, Head of Resources



Leanne Powell, Membership & Groups Co-ordinator File 6949

Email: leanne.powell@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07828 467 166

I've been the Membership & Groups Officer for over 5 years. My role includes processing individual membership & DBS and working alongside local Membership Secretaries to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible. Helping support the website & database so that members have better access to their records.

Along with membership I also support groups with registration, access to resources/ policies and training and support new groups in the start up process. 

Contact me about Membership, Safeguarding, Disclosure & Barring Service, website, Group registration, Groop (online group managrment system), regional gatherings/ training, financial returns, Direct debit, New groups & new group buddies.


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Billie-Jo Brown, SMT Assistant

Email: Email: billie-jo.brown@woodcraft.org.uk or info@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173
Working days: Monday - Thursday (9:30am - 3:45pm)

I provide administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer and Heads of departments. Come to me for all thing HR! I'm also your first port of call and if you ring us, it will be me answering.

Woodcraft has been a part of my life since I was six years old. I have been a Woodchip, Elfin, Pioneer and Venturer! This could lead to only one thing - I am now a group leader. Since 2013 I have been running a thriving elfin group in South London.

I met my parner through the Folk (also a lifer) and we are carrying on the family tradition with both of our children now being fully fledged Elfins.

My favourite games are "Chicken Pie" and "Man John".


Lauren Karstadt, Development OfficerFile 5341

Email: lauren.karstadt@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07422 966127

I have been working on the new groups project in the Eastern region since 2017 as a development officer. I have worked setting up new groups from scratch as well as working to open new groups where we previously didn't have any. My new role as Common Ground camp assistant will see me assist in the planning, set up and running of the camp. 

I have been involved in Woodcraft Folk for my whole life and still volunteer at my home district of New Barnet every week. I love working with young people, camping and being outdoors.  


Emma Ndala Lubunda, Finance AdministratorFile 6054

Email: finance@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173
Working days: Monday - Friday (8:00am - 3:00pm)

I'm the Finance Administrator at Woodcraft since September 2018. My main tasks include ensuring the income and expenditure are properly recorded, help with payroll, make payments and handle expenses claims for staff, members and General Council. 

My main passion is travelling and have visited countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, Russia and Congo. I've also volunteered with organisations such as Women charity (AWOW), Hospice, Salvation Army and Citizen Advice Bureau.


Woodcraft Folk Scotland

Fleur Gayet, Scottish Officer 

Email: scotland@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07833 051 557
Working days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (1.10pm - 4.50pm)

I carry out a range of administrative and development tasks for Woodcraft Folk Scotland, including organising events, building and maintaining contacts, and representing the organisation within Scotland. I work closely with our Scottish management committee in achieving the strategic objectives of Woodcraft Folk Scotland.

Contact me about existing groups and districts in Scotland or helping to open or provide support for a new group in Scotland, volunteering for a role on the Woodcraft Folk Scotland committee or for information about Woodcraft Folk Scotland training and events. 


Clare Ritchie, Scottish Development Officer

Email: clare.ritchie@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07421 745 780


Woodcraft Folk outdoor centres

Jo Holliday, Centre Manager at LockerbrookFile 5744

Lockerbrook Outdoor Activities and Environmental Centre, Snake Road, Bamford, Hope Valley, S33 0BJ
Email: jo.holliday@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 01433 651412

I joined the Lockerbrook team in January 2018. As Centre Manager I have overall responsibility for the strategic and operational management of the centre. Leading a small team of paid staff and volunteers my main areas of work are to increase groups using the centre, develop the centre to meet the needs of hirers, and ensure the centre operates within all compliance frameworks.

Prior to joining the Woodcraft team I worked for over 25 years in the student union movement supporting international students and helping students to build a global community and was a specialist immigration adviser. Alongside this I was directly involved in running Woodcraft groups in Sheffield and enjoyed coming to Lockerbrook as part of this experience. I am a keen off road runner and spend most of my free time either getting muddy in the Peaks or on my allotment in Sheffield.

Working here brings together my passion for the outdoors and the belief that we all need time away from the pressures of everyday life to create new possibilities together.

Matt North, Lockerbrook Site Assistant / Centres Assistant,  File 6951

Email: matt.north@woodcraft.org.uk

My current role is managing Lockerbrook Farm in Derbyshire with Jo, concentrating on the day to day running and maintenance. I am also the Centres Assistant for Lockerbrook and Cudham dealing with bookings and the GemaPark system. I have been a member of Derwent Woodcraft Folk for the last 5 years & I'm the H&S rep for Elfins. I enjoy books & TV, walks, camping, stone carving and retrophrenology.


Annette Day, Warden at Darsham

Darsham Country Centre, The Old Station House, Main Road, Darsham, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 3PL
Email: darsham@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 01728 668736 or 07941 640 796

I started working life as a bank clerk, got married and then had my 3 children - the 2 boys are studying at university and my daughter will be going to 6th form. I live just a mile from the centre in Yoxford.

I started working at the then Hackney Country Centre in 1997 doing the changeovers with a friend. It was taken over by the Woodcraft Folk in 2000 and the name changed to the Darsham Country Centre. I now work on my own and my main job is doing the changeovers, taking bookings, and generally looking after the basic maintenance of the building - ordering the heating oil, gardening etc. I greet groups when they arrive and am on call if there are any problems.


Mike Lawrence, Centre Manager at Biblins Youth Campsite

Biblins, The Doward, Whitchurch, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6DX
Email: michael.lawrence@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 01600 890 850

Chris Sturgeon, Biblins Site Assistant / Centres AssistantFile 5764

Email: chris.sturgeon@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07809 418 644

I live in Winchcombe, just outside Cheltenham and have been a volunteer leader with Cheltenham District Woodcraft Folk for more than twenty years, joining the group when my children were young.

I attended my very first Woodcraft Summer Camp at Biblins – way back in 1996. I still have the badge on my Folk Shirt, although now rather faded, and it is my pleasure to now be working at that very same campsite.

I’m delighted to be part of the team that will develop the facilities at Biblins Youth Campsite.
I want to help ensure that current and future generations will be able to enjoy the experience of life under canvas, in a beautiful location, well away from the pressures of normal life and COMPLETELY beyond any mobile phone coverage!

My duties include handling all enquires; bookings; invoices and chasing late payments; answering endless e-mails & ‘phone calls and trying to address the convoluted requests from customers!



Common Ground Team 


Pauliina Keinanen, Common Ground Project Manager File 6418

Email: pauliina.keinanen@woodcraft.org.uk 
Phone: 07739 983320

My role is to project manage Common Ground 2022. This involves writing policies and procedures, managing the logistics, supporting the board and ensuring that everyone has a positive camp experience. I bring experience of international partnership working, volunteer management, external grants and event organising. However I have only been a Woodcraft Folk member since 2018, so please be patient while I learn the Woodcraft Way of doing things! I welcome members getting in touch with suggestions, past experiences of camps and new ideas.


Millie Burgh, Camp Assistant  Email: millie.burgh@woodcraft.org.uk 
Phone: 020 4519 5203

My role is to support the Common Ground Chair and Board with the planning, promotion and delivery of Common Ground. I

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 have been in the folk since elfin-age, and in this time I have run group nights, planned big camps (I co-coordinated Venturer Camp 2019) and been a part of General Council, as well as participated in local, national and international activities myself. I’ve been living in Spain for the past 2 years, teaching English, and before that I worked for an educational charity in Brighton. I’m really excited to implement everything I’ve learnt from all these experiences in order to make Common Ground the best camp it can be. Get in touch if you have any ideas or want to help out in any way, I’d love to hear from you!