Woodcraft Folk staff

Woodcraft Folk operates across the UK, with our head office team in London supporting volunteers, parents and children. We have a small staff team in Scotland and Wales who support our volunteers in those countries and also have staff at a number of our outdoor centres.

Please get in touch with any of us on the details below.

Woodcraft Folk central office

Units 9/10, 83 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3BQ

Jon Nott, General Secretary
Email: jon.nott@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173

The General Secretary is the Woodcraft Folk's Chief Executive, leading the staff team to achieve the movement's strategic objectives and acting as an advisor to General Council, particularly in matters of strategy, policy, finance and governance.

As General Secretary I am also responsible for developing our relationships with partners such as the co-operative movement, trades unions, other UK youth organisations and our international partners in the International Falcon Movement - Socialist Education International (IFM-SEI).

Before becoming Woodcraft Folk's General Secretary in February 2010, I was Chief Executive of the Green Party and prior to that worked in the peace movement for 10 years on campaigns, membership and fundraising. I volunteered with Highgate & Holloway district from 2008, where my step-daughter has been a member since 2006.

Membership Services Team

Sarah McDonell, Office & Office Volunteer Coordinator 

Email: sarah.mcdonell@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173

I started working for Woodcraft Folk in September 2005. I was told I had just missed the quiet spell in the office and they were building up for an International Camp (Global Village). 2 General Secretaries, 2 international camps, 9 Annual Gatherings and an office move later, I am still waiting for that quiet period, but I love it, there is always so much to do and I do not stop learning and being inspired.

My new role is Office & Office Volunteer Coordinator which covers a multitude of sins based full-time at Folk Office. I run a programme for volunteers in the office to increase our capacity to support our members better, also working with local young people & organisations like 2nd Chance UK & Toucan Employment

I have 2 grown up children who live with me. Both my parents were voluntary youth leaders so as a child of a leader I spent a lot of my childhood on camps, club holidays, fundraising events and sitting outside meetings, so not a lot has changed.

Contact me about Volunteering in the Office for work experience to help from time to time or just for fun, Annual Gathering, Gift aid, Folk Supply (ordering, stock or getting involved!), HR & anything relating to the office or office functions.

Leanne Powell, Membership & Groups Officer
Email: leanne.powell@woodcraft.org.uk or info@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173

I've been working Woodcraft Folk for nearly 5 years and have recently taken on the position of Membership & Groups officer.

My new role includes processing individual membership and DBS and working alongside local Membership Secretaries to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible. Helping support the new website/database so that members have better access to their records.

Along with membership I also support groups with registration, access to resources/ policies and helping new groups start up.

I'm keen to improve the communications between members, groups and Folk office. Not only on a day to day basis but also creating new tools and resources to keep the membership up to date.

Contact me about Membership, Disclosure & Barring Service, Group registration, Financial returns, Direct debit, New groups & new group buddies.

Billie- Jo Brown, Admin Assistant
Email: billie-jo.brown@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173 
Working days: Monday & Tuesday (9:30pm - 2:30pm)

To provide administrative support to Folk Office, answering the phone, responding to queries from the general public, volunteers & groups, managing incoming and outgoing post, supporting membership & DBS and helping with Folk Supply.


Finance Administrator - vacant 
Email: finance@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7703 4173
Working days:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

My main tasks at Woodcraft Folk are ensuring that income and expenditure are properly recorded on the Woodcraft Folk Quick accounts software, using appropriate budget codes. I ensure that expenses claim received from staff, members and General Council are correct and are appropriately authorised for payment.



Debs McCahon, Director of Development 
Email: deborah.mccahon@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07845372267

Contact me about setting up new groups, member support and safeguarding.

My background is largely in youth-led volunteering, supporting young people to make a difference in their communities and taking action on the things that matter to them. More recently my experience has been working with youth workers and volunteers to empower and enable young people through funding advice, policy development and project planning.

I joined Woodcraft Folk in 2008 to make a difference, with the ambition of improving support to local volunteers and young people. Since 2008 I have been successful in attracting external funding in England, Scotland and Wales to increase the levels of training and introduction of new resources.


Woodcraft Folk Scotland

c/o Woodcraft Folk, Units 9/10, 83 Crampton Street, London SE17 3BQ

Fleur Gayet, Scottish Officer 

Email: scotland@woodcraft.org.uk

Mobile: 07833 051557

Working days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 1.10pm and 4.50pm

I carry out a range of administrative and development tasks for Woodcraft Folk Scotland, including organising events, building and maintaining contacts, and representing the organisation within Scotland. I work closely with our Scottish management committee in achieving the strategic objectives of Woodcraft Folk Scotland.

Contact me about existing groups and districts in Scotland or helping to open or provide support for a new group in Scotland, volunteering for a role on the Woodcraft Folk Scotland committee or for information about Woodcraft Folk Scotland training and events. 

Scottish Development Officers 

Clare Ritchie (Camelon Project)  - clare.ritchie@woodcraft.org.uk, Tel: 07421745780 

Danielle Lisney (Outreach Falkirk)  - danielle.lisney@woodcraft.org.uk, Tel: 07422 966131

Danielle Moore (Edinburgh) - danielle.moore@woodcraft.org.uk, Tel: 07419 129397


Woodcraft Folk outdoor centres

Catherine McCarthy, Centre Manager at Cudham
Cudham Environmental Activities Centre, New Barn Lane, Westerham Hill, Kent, TN16 2HT
Email: cudham@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 01959 574660 or 07572 207229 (except July/August) 

I have been involved in Woodcraft for around 20 years and at Cudham since 2008. As Centre Manager my role is to enable as many groups as possible to enjoy a full Woodcraft experience in a welcoming, happy, inclusive and safe environment.

As one of three staff I welcome and support visiting groups as well as managing and training volunteers to help maintain the centre. The centre receives bookings from groups of all ages, from all over the country. Our own events offer the opportunity for smaller groups to join together to make new friends while experiencing residentials, camping, bivvies and sleepovers.

In the last year we have taken on two new staff: Tracy (Support Worker) and Carol (General Assistant). This means we can now offer programme tailored to the needs of visiting groups and it’s working very well.

Bookings are also welcomed from schools and other organisations. I enjoy showing our visitors how to do things the “Woodcraft way” by providing an environment where the adults and young people in their care ALL have a great time.
Please contact me if you’d like to visit. 

Jo Holliday, Centre Coordinator at Lockerbrook
Lockerbrook Outdoor Activities and Environmental Centre, Snake Road, Bamford, Hope Valley, S33 0BJ
Email: office@lockerbrook.org.uk
Phone: 01433 651412

Annette Day, Warden at Darsham
Darsham Country Centre, The Old Station House, Main Road, Darsham, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 3PL
Email: darsham@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 01728 668736 or 07941640796

I started working life as a bank clerk, got married and then had my 3 children - the 2 boys are studying at university and my daughter will be going to 6th form. I live just a mile from the centre in Yoxford.

I started working at the then Hackney Country Centre in 1997 doing the changeovers with a friend. It was taken over by the Woodcraft Folk in 2000 and the name changed to the Darsham Country Centre. I now work on my own and my main job is doing the changeovers, taking bookings, and generally looking after the basic maintenance of the building - ordering the heating oil, gardening etc. I greet groups when they arrive and am on call if there are any problems.


Mike Lawrence (project manager) & Chris Sturgeon' (Groundskeeper & bookings), Warden at Bibling Youth Campsite
Biblins, The Doward, Whitchurch, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6DX
Email: biblins@woodcraft.org.uk or michael.lawrence@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 01600 890 850


New Groups Project Eastern


Owen Segwick-Jell, Project Manager
Email: owen.sedgwickjell@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07419 209290


Pippa Gardner, Project Co-ordinator Peterborough

Email: pippa.gardner@woodcraft.org.uk

Phone: 07422 966197

I joined the New Groups Project team in May 2018 after a restructure at the end of year one of the project. I look after the overall co-ordination of the projects activities including workign with partners and completing evaluation, but also get to work directly with young people and volunteers as I establish new groups in Peterborough. 


Gail Arnold, Development Officer Thetford & Lowestoft
Email: gail.arnold@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07422 966198

I started work as a Development Officer for 'New Groups Project Eastern' in September 2017 and am enjoying meeting WcF members, new volunteers and running taster sessions for 9-12 year olds.

I spent several years working and living abroad but now I'm back on the family farm in the middle of East Anglia with chickens for company! It's great to work with local communities and give children new opportunities.


Lauren Karstadt, Development Officer Cambridge & St Neots
Email: lauren.karstadt@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07422 966127

My role is to help existing Woodcraft groups in Cambridge grow and stay sustainable for the future as well as setting up some new groups in Cambridge and the surrounding areas such as St Neots.

I have been involved in Woodcraft Folk for my whole life and still volunteer at my home district of New Barnet every week. 


Joanna Shelton, Development Officer Ipswich
Email: joanna.shelton@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 07419 740862


Daniella Mckay, Project Administrator
Email: daniella.mckay@woodcraft.org.uk
Phone: 020 7358 6456