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Woodcraft Folk ESC placement volunteers with Our Second Home charity 

During February half-term, Sandra Kourtsounioti, one of Woodcraft Folk’s ESC volunteers, took the opportunity to volunteer as a youth group leader for the charity Our Second Home (OSH), during their winter camp. 

OSH does residentials for young people with refugee status or seeking asylum, with the aim to provide a place where everyone can have fun, make new friends and engage in a wide range of enjoyable activities. Around 35 young people participated in the residential, coming from a diverse, multicultural background including countries of origin like Afghanistan, Syria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Iran, Kurdistan, Iraq, Mali etc.

The residential took place on the outskirts of London, in an area with green fields and beautiful nature; which offered the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the outside world. 

The participants got stuck in with a range of activities which included football coaching delivered by an Arsenal F.C. coach, music sessions, team building games, baking, drawing and leadership training etc. 

Sandra Kourtsounioti, Woodcraft Folk’s ESC volunteer says:

“ The young people found the music and dance sessions the most fun parts of the residential, where the participants shared songs from their countries and showcased dance moves.  Everybody got in the spirit and was all dancing together!  It was beautiful to see how all the activities contributed to sharing and learning about different cultures. 

It was inspiring that some of the leaders were former participants, proving how opportunities like this camp empower young people and enable them to build on their talents, creating future opportunities as they support other young people who reach out to the charity”.

A team of 15 leaders prepared and led the activities. Overall, the event led to a special experience for all those involved, providing a unique opportunity for the young people to connect with the community, learn new skills and unwind.

The photos were taken by the Dost Centre for Young Refugees and Migrants charity which also facilitated the participation of many of the young people.
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