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Woodcraft Folk attends Annual Science Education Conference

On the 6 January Woodcraft Folk’s Development Officer Lauren Karstadt, a volunteer and two
young people from Waltham Abbey and Harlow District attended the Annual Science
Education Conference in Sheffield that was held at Sheffield Hallam University.
The conference saw science educators from schools, universities and other educational
organisations and institutions come together to learn, share and interact with different
elements of education and science.

Young members Fred and Tom Bailey helped to run the stall in the school’s exhibition hall
and engaged a lot of different people in games of ‘How Bad are Bananas’ and shared their
own experiences of being part of the All Change project.

The game ‘How Bad are Bananas’ gives a chance for players to think about how much C02
is emitted through everyday actions and the production of everyday items. One player at the
conference commented “I hadn’t really thought about making my carbon usage count until I
played this game”.

Attending the conference was a great opportunity to start conversations with students,
teachers, lecturers and education specialists about climate education, climate literacy and how individuals, groups and institutions can make change in society and in education.

The stall also saw the group talking about the National Association of Environmental
Education (NAEE)
and how they have funded the All Change project to enable participants to take part
in Carbon Literacy training, create videos and podcasts to promote the fight against the
climate crisis and design badge work (and t-shirts) around the topic.

Young member Fred Bailey, aged 9, said:

“Going to the conference was a great way to show other people what I have learnt during the
last year in the All Change project.”

You can find out more about the project and what the All Change young peer educators have been up to here

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