Glasgow Kelvingrove

Glasgow Kelvingrove District comprises three groups who meet in and around the West End of Glasgow, although we draw our members from a wide area. If we are too far away for you there are other groups in Glasgow and throughout Scotland, or you could start your own group!

The District is run cooperatively by parents, and non-parent volunteers. This gives parents the flexibiltity to choose whether to get involved whether that is through helping to facilitate Group Nights, or taking on the role of Treasurer - there is lots of ongoing training and support available for all of the roles. Alternatively if you'd rather leave your child (Elfins and above) thats absolutely fine. The young people are also heavily involved in the running of the group, particularly deciding the programme for the term.

In the depths of winter we tend to meet inside, the rest of the year we are outside in all weathers. We do a wide range of activities, in line with Woodcraft Folk's ethos of equality, friendship, peace, and cooperation. To get an idea of what we get up to, why not have a look at our Facebook page?

We currently have three active groups:

All of the Groups meet together from 1800-1900 on a Wednesday, so if you have young people in different age groups they can all get involved. Sometimes we facilitate individual activities for each group, sometimes we facilitate whole district activities, and sometimes the older young people faciltate activities for the younger ones.

As well as Group Nights there are camps, hostel weekends, and meetups with other groups as well as other relevant events.

If you are interested in joining the groups or volunteering with us please contact:

To see the programme for the term, have a look at the group pages.

To have a wee nosy at what we get up to, have a look at our Facebook page

We hope to see you soon at Kelvingrove Woodcraft Folk!

Latest Community Posts

Glasgow Kelvingrove Pioneers: Peace Cranes for Valentines!

12 February 2016
The Glasgow Kelvingrove Pioneers recently chose to spend their group night creating origami peace cranes as part of a Scottish CND project. People across Glasgow have come together to create these symbolic pieces of transient art, which on Valentine's day will be hung up in public areas across Glasgow. This is as part of a Scottish wide day of action on February 14th to #Love the Planet, and #Scrap Trident, and to raise awareness and support for the Scrap Trident demo in London, on February 27th.