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Venturer Leader in Wivenhoe (Essex)

Woodcraft Folk are looking for a Venturer leader or leaders to start our new Venturer group 2023-2024. There is currently a Pioneer group in the area and the introduction of a Venturer group is needed to support with the progression of young members as they will soon be moving up to the next age group bracket. As the Venturers group is not up and running yet, there is flexibility with when group leaders need to be available. Our Pioneers, Elfins and Woodchips in the area, meet on Tuesdays.

Venturer groups support ages 13-15. Being a group leader means committing to a local weekly group, helping to organise games, craft and social action opportunities for children and young people.

This could involve:

  • Being responsible for your group during group nights, camps and trips
  • Ensuring groups are run according to the aims and principles of the woodcraft folk
  • Planning and co-ordinating activities in co-operation with others
  • Supervising helpers

If you are interested in the role, please email Keziah at


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