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Fundraising Working Group member

Do you like fundraising, or do you want to get some advice and support for your fundraising?

We’re re-launching the Fundraising Working Group as a space for volunteers across the country to come together to help with Woodcraft Folk fundraising efforts. If your group has done successful fundraising in the past, come along and tell us how you did it; if no-one in your group has ever fundraised before, come along and get some support! If you can help with fundraising, we’ll get you set up with a group, district or centre that needs some fundraising support; if you want to share your thoughts about national fundraising, we’d love your feedback; and if you have ideas about new fundraising activities, we can work together to give them a try.

The working group will be facilitated by Cici Carey-Stuart, our staff Fundraiser, and will be a place for all volunteer fundraisers to get involved, of all ages. You don’t have to already be volunteering – if you want to help Woodcraft Folk as a volunteer fundraiser, this is the place for you! Across our movement there is a wealth of knowledge, and this is where we can share that knowledge so that no one has to do it all from scratch.

You can read the full Working Group role description in the side panal. To register your interest, please email or fill in this form >, and we’ll email you when we plan the first meeting!


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