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Scottish activity day equips young people with social action skills

Woodcraft Folk Scotland’s first face-to-face activity day for almost two years took place in Glasgow on 2 October. The gathering brought volunteers and young people groups across Scotland together. With many young members having missed out on the chance to spend time under canvas this summer, the day was planned with plenty of reminders of camping from clan duties to a campfire.

Young people gather around a tarpaulin under grey skies, working on placards with environmental slogans

Ahead of the COP26 climate talks in the city next month, the theme for the day was Learning for Sustainability. The day kicked off with activities exploring protest – sharing thoughts and ideas on why people campaign and how to do it effectively. Young people chose their own causes, then created slogans and placards to promote them. Scrap materials were upcycled into loudhailers and instruments, while chants and songs were written to raise young people’s voices in support of their cause. Members also considered how to reduce the risks, choosing stewards to keep an eye out for hazards as they marched.

Elfins explored the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with activities including water filtration, while Pioneers and Venturers considered their priorities for COP26 and the messages they wanted to communicate to world leaders visiting Scotland for the event. Meanwhile, volunteers took part in a workshop to consider approaches to supporting young people’s engagement with social action. Woodcraft Folk groups from across Scotland and beyond will be convening in Glasgow again as part of the Global Day of Action on 6 November – you can find out more about this activity, and other ways to engage around the UK by visiting find out more and about the hubs of activity across the UK by visiting the COP 26 Coalition website.

“Next month sees a unique opportunity for our young members in Scotland to raise their voices on the issues that they care about, and our activity day helped young people plan how they can make the most of it.” said Fleur Gayet, Scottish Development Officer. “But after so long without Scotland-wide events happening in person, it was also great to catch up and find out what other groups have been doing, and to go smelling of campfire once more!”

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