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The movement for 16-20 year olds built on lasting friendships, social justice and youth empowerment!

Woodcraft Folk’s District Fellowship (DF’s) have recently come back from an engaging and greatly needed weekend camp as part of their Spring Awakening event which gives the older youth members of Woodcraft Folk a chance to catch up with friends old and new and chill out way from the stresses of the everyday.

DFs are aged 16-20 and are members part of youth charity Woodcraft Folk. The DF’s are an autonomous organisation within the Woodcraft Folk and are completely led by their members and are overseen by the members elected each year to the DF Committee. 

There are DF groups all over the country for young people to attend and experience a taste of Woodcraft Folk, where members meet to catch up, play game and organise local events. DFs also run national camps and social events where they sing songs, run workshops, explore topical issues and develop lasting friendships. They also take part in activism around the country and learn about issues that matter to the Movement such as war and peace, struggles for equality and tackling the climate crisis as well as running educational projects on topics such as mental health and politics. Many DFs also volunteer their time to support activities for younger age groups, whether that’s running a local Elfin group or planning a national Venturer camp. 

Spring Awakening is one of DFs national events that took place earlier this year from 11th-15th April.

Tabitha, a DF member who attended the event says:

“Spring Awakening offered an incredible chance to build relationships with new people and strengthen bonds with old friends. It was a needed break from reality in which we could all come together and exist in a carefree utopia. Our shoes may have trashed on the trek to Morrisons but doing it with the people you love makes it all worth it. The laughs along the way and the stories told made me want to walk forever. Spring Awakening had the perfect structure to it; during the day we could relax with a few activities scattered through and in the evening, we could be free and danced the night away at the silent disco!

Never have I felt more comfortable in an environment with people I can confidently call friends. At the moment with exam stress and school I will always know that an event like Spring Awakening will always be there to relieve all of that and let me enjoy myself with no pressure.”

To find out more about DFs, head to our website here >>> or the DFs own website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

To get directly in touch with the DF Committee you can email them at

If you need to contact a specific Committee Member, individual member details can be found on the DF website.

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