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Successful weekend at Cudham for Camps for All!

Between 17 – 19 February young people came together at Cudham Environmental Activity Centre to enjoy a weekend of fun, cooperation, bushcraft, exploring and making new friends as part of Woodcraft Folk’s Camps for All programme. 

Camps for All weekend residentials take place at centres and campsites across the UK that are owned and/or managed by Woodcraft Folk and those who attend get to enjoy a weekend of adventurous experiences in stunning locations with lots of games, craft and workshops also included.

The Cudham residential was made up of young people who are already part of a Woodcraft Folk group and some for whom it was their first ever Woodcraft Folk experience. Those young people who are not part of a local Woodcraft Folk group were warmly welcomed and guided by those more experienced Woodcraft Folk members.

Over the weekend the group took part in bushcraft activities, whittling their own marshmallow sticks, using ghillie kettles, building and lighting their own small fires and together made chocolate muffins inside oranges on the communal fire. 

The group also walked to a local rescue farm where a staff member gave a tour of the animals and the young people learnt how they were looked after. The group were able to feed pigs, sheep and goats and see other animals around the farm. 

In the evenings, the young participants took part in an interactive quiz, pizza making and a nightline where they had to work cooperatively together to follow a rope whilst blindfolded and complete the course over, under and around different obstacles. 

“I enjoyed the pizza making and choosing my own toppings and shape” said participant age 10

The weekend was facilitated by Woodcraft Folk staff and volunteers.

Lauren Karstadt, Woodcraft Folk’s Development Officer says:

“It is so great to be able to bring together people who are part of Woodcraft Folk and those new to the organisation. I really enjoyed the bushcraft activities and seeing young people being independent using tools and feeling proud when they lit their own fires”.

If you are interested in attending the next Camps for All event in May 2023 at Woodcraft Folk’s Heightgate Centre in West Yorkshire, head over to this page to find more information and booking details. Camps for All is open to 10-15 year olds who are both non members and members of youth organisation Woodcraft Folk.

Images by Michael Preston

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