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Young Member Registration Lewes

Welcome to the Young Member Registration form for Lewes Woodcraft Folk

Each child attending Woodcraft Folk can pay their annual registration fee and subs via this form. Your child’s contribution covers their attendance to our group night activities and supports the charity in providing cooperative educational activities for thousands of children and young people across the UK.

  • Lewes weekly group night contributions are £3 per week
  • Details of our tiered annual registration fees are listed below

If you’ve any question regarding your child’s registration or need support completing this form, please email

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Young Member registration form You can pay and register for up to 4 children. Using our tiered payment system you can select the fee amount which applies to you and also pay your child/children’s group night contribution.

Payment can either be made by direct debit and spread the cost over 12 months or a one off card payment.

Tier 1 – £15

  • I’m able to meet my basic needs,but I actively have to think about meeting them in the most affordable ways I can. I have small, varying amounts of expendable income which means budgeting is often a big source of stress. I need to live in the cheapest place available to me and I struggle to afford any holidays/trips away.
  • My lack of savings, family support, and inherited wealth (currently and in the future) means that I worry about my future financial situation.

Tier 2 – £30

  • I need to keep an eye on my expendable income spending, which can be a source of concern, but I’m able to consider the desirability of where I live in my accommodations choices and can afford a holiday or trips away each year.
  • My modest savings, family support, and inherited wealth (currently and in the future) gives me a small safety net if I ever needed it. This means I don’t often feel stressed about my financial future.

Tier 3 – £45

  • Spending my expendable income doesn’t cause me regular concern or stress, and I can do so in ways that bring me satisfaction. I rent a desirable property or own my own home, and get to go on holidays/trips away a few times a year.
  • I’ve either sizable savings, family support if need be, or inherited wealth (or I stand to inherit money/part of a house in the future). This means I don’t worry about any debt I have, or my financial future. I feel secure.

Tier 4 – £50

  • I’ve significant freedom in how I spend my expendable income. My housing costs are minimal or represent a small proportion of my income – e.g. I own my home outright (on my own or with a partner/family etc.). I am able to take multiple holidays/trips away each year.
  • I’ve financial security, whether from my savings, family support and wealth I have either inherited or stand to inherit in the future, or because I do not have significant financial commitments to dependents


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