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Camp & Residential Planning Webinar - March 2022
Andy Taylor, Head of Centres, explores the issues you need to consider when planning for a camp or weekend away
Bored Meetings
This training course for young members aims to build the values, skills and knowledge needed...
Children's Rights Training
Woodcraft Folk is committed to the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child...
Outcomes for Young People
An effective programme of activities for a Woodcraft Folk group needs to explore our aims...
Responding to Concerns Webinar - December 2021
Join Owen, Woodcraft Folk's safeguarding lead, to hear about processes and procedures as well as helpful advice on responding to concerns when working with young people.
Managing Risk Webinar - November 2021
This session is focused on managing risk when working with our groups for children and young people
Local Safeguarding Plan Webinar - October 2021
This session focuses on developing a local safeguarding plan for your group or district.
Working Together
How can Woodcraft Folk volunteers work effectively together? This training session for volunteers to work...
Bored Meetings
Equality, respect and shared decision-making are central to Woodcraft Folk’s ways of working. Bored Meetings...
Safeguarding Introduction
May2021 How do we keep children and young people safe at Woodcraft Folk? Clare Ritchie...
Have a Good Weekend
June 2021 Now that camping and overnight activities are permitted once again, how should you...
Treasurers' Masterclass
May 2021 Join Richard Burgess-Gamble (Head of Finance), Roland Susman (National Treasurer) and Ros Epson...

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