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Champions for Children

Between 14th-28th June 2022, we ran a “Champions for Children” fundraising campaign with the Childhood Trust on the Big Give’s match-funding platform. We raised £13,550 to provide free Woodcraft Folk activities to disadvantaged children across London, including Play Out sessions and residential weekends at Cudham. Read on to see what the campaign was all about.

Play is getting left out of the budget. Between 14th-28th June, donate here to help us give London children co-operative play and outdoor adventures that the cost of living doesn’t allow for. 

Woodcraft Folk aims to help as many children and young people as possible participate in co-operative play and environmental education. Since the pandemic, and particularly in combination with the cost of living crisis, many children and young people have been deprived of opportunities for play and the great outdoors, resulting in a huge rise in the number of children seeking mental health support. 

Over the next year, we want to support and engage those children across London through free Play Out sessions and residential experiences, sharing the activities that Woodcraft Folk groups take part in with more people. To provide these opportunities free of charge and to as many children as possible, we’re running a Champions for Children fundraising campaign. Donate here between 14th-28th June, and all donations will be doubled by our generous match funders at the Childhood Trust, meaning twice as many children will get to play in the great outdoors!

If you’re not able to donate, or if you have and you’d like to help us more, please share this campaign with your friends, family and colleagues. Could your company donate, or are you a member of a trade union? Let them know why this campaign is important to you, and ask them to donate.

If you’re on social media, follow us by clicking the buttons below to be updated when we launch to the public in June.

If you volunteer with a Woodcraft Folk group, could you help by putting on a fundraising event, spreading the word or sharing your Woodcraft stories? Follow this link to find out how you can help.

For more information or to get involved contact:

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