Our current policies:

Code of Behaviour
The Code of Behaviour outlines the standards of conduct that Woodcraft Folk expects from volunteers and staff
Complaints Policy
Complaints, Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Procedures policy
Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco & Intoxicating Substances Policy
The use of intoxicating and addictive substances poses many issues for Woodcraft Folk members, both...
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy
Scope & Purpose This Health, Safety and Wellbeing policy applies to all volunteers, staff, (including...
Privacy Policy
Introduction As part of its activities Woodcraft Folk makes use of personal information about its...
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy
Woodcraft Folk, as a provider of ‘regulated activity’ to children and young people, is included...
Relationship & Sex Education Policy
Context Woodcraft Folk aims, principles and programme support positive relationship education, specifically our principles of:...
Safeguarding Policy
Woodcraft Folk’s Safeguarding Policy must be followed by everyone, and across all the organisation’s activities,...
Supporting Vulnerable Persons
This policy document should be used by all Woodcraft Folk staff and volunteers when fundraising...
Volunteering Policy
How Woodcraft Folk selects, screens and inducts volunteers to support our work

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