Our third group is Pioneers - children aged 10-12 who are becoming more aware of the world around them.

We think this is a really exciting age - we can begin to explore how Pioneers can influence society and find ways to cope with increasing peer pressure.

Focusing on the physical

Self-esteem can be a problem at this age - children are becoming aware of their physical development and can feel awkward or self-conscious.

So we encourage a lot of physical activity and development through games, hiking, camping and outdoor pursuits and some community action. We don't reward competitiveness, we just get everyone involved and ensure they have fun.

Taking them seriously

Pioneers play a big part in deciding on their programme - from why and how they are doing a particular activity to what songs to sing at group nights.

Like before, we still do games, drama, singing, craftwork, projects, discussions etc but at this age activities outside the weekly group night become more important.

Everything we do reflects the aims and principles of the Woodcraft Folk.

What do they do?

These are the kinds of things Pioneers get up to from week to week but programmes will vary depending on the group and it location:

  • Bushcraft skills - learning to whittle toasting forks or spoons from wood
  • Playing energetic outside games such as Capture the Flag
  • Playing 'thinking' games to raise awareness of issues such as equality, stereotyping, racism etc
  • Rubbish clearing from beaches, parks, woodlands etc
  • Canoeing, swimming, cycle rides, hikes, walks