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Open wilding project

Woodcraft Folk is passionate about working in partnership with like-minded organisations and as such is joining up with the Open Wilding Project to increase opportunities to our members and attract additional volunteers to support our activities.

The Open Wilding Project is an industry changing, innovative conservation organisation built by students, for students of the environment.

After recognising that the industry offered limited access to field opportunities or direction from students, the Open Wilding Project was created. OWP enable the future leaders of conservation and the environment to take control of their professional development by creating opportunities that are relevant and accessible and literally, strengthening the field. OWP are now a slowly, but strongly growing organisation dedicated to environment, scientific study, students and community, known to us as our roots.

Roots are the foundations for ensuring successful conservation and acceleration of the next generation of leaders.

OWP will take on land nationally and internationally and develop it into sustainable and resilient ecosystems in the face of climate change directed by the combined knowledge of our members and specialist advisors. No parcel of the Earth is too small to support, and none is too big. OWP are currently looking for land donors or investors to enable us to implement our first OWP site. OWP will also support activity on Woodcraft Folk campsites and centres.

OWP student and scientific study roots combine a network of organisations looking to share their knowledge and experience and offer field opportunities to our members, such as Woodcraft Folk. Partnering with Woodcraft Folk, OWP have been invited to access sites for training, study and to gain valuable experiences both through sessions delivered by the Woodcraft Folk team, individual specialist collaborators or through our own cohort of students. 

Lastly, the OWP community root encompasses the social values held by the Open Wilding Project. We believe that humans belong in nature, and through this, we invite the community to become involved with our natural spaces, engage the elderly and young through our OWLS initiative, and we will create food forests and outdoor classrooms and sensory SEND spaces to support the community.

We are proudly collaborating with Woodcraft Folk, The Natural History Museum, The Angela Marmont Centre, Ambios, Make It Wild, Rewilding Britain and Extinction Rebellion Rewilding.

If you are interested in joining the Open Wilding Project as a member, becoming a partner, sponsoring us or gifting land, please get in touch with us at or view our website at created by our partners at Trusted Media Ltd.

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