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Membership Badge Design Competition winner announced!

Woodcraft Folk have announced the winner of their Membership Badge Design Competition for 2022! 

Congratulations have been given to St Albans Venturers Woodcraft Folk Group on their winning design.

Woodcraft Folk received many beautiful and inspiring designs for 2022’s theme of ‘One World Recovery’.

The charity would like to thank everyone who entered the competition for sharing their ideas and creativity, and hope they enter the competition again later this year.

Each year the charity runs a competition to decide the design of their membership badge.

2021 saw communities come together despite lockdowns to stand up against poverty, racism, inequality and climate change. Woodcraft Folk chose this years theme hoping to inspire their members by the unity of people coming together to create designs that show their vision of a ‘new normal’ that is brighter and greener.

The winning badge with the most votes is produced and distributed to every member of the organisation across the country.

Groups can expect to receive their 2022 membership badges shortly.

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