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Membership badge competition open!

Each year, youth led charity Woodcraft Folk run a competition to let their young members influence the design of the membership badge for the year.

The search for the design for Woodcraft Folk’s 2023 membership badge is on! The theme for designs this year is “Unity”

Woodcraft Folk’s Development Officer Lauren Karstadt says:

“2022 has seen many of our members from far and wide come together again after two years of not being able to have our usual camps and trips. Can your group design a badge that represents people coming together, celebrating cooperation, respecting people from all over the world, aiming towards a peaceful world and showing unity over making our future brighter, fairer and more sustainable. For example, if your group attended Common Ground International camp, think about how you can express the cooperation of the camp in an illustration.”

Woodcraft Folk’s membership badge for 2022

Entrants are being asked to base designs on pictures and words that share young people’s vision of a coming together in unity and solidarity.

To enter, people are being asked to design a badge using this template and then fill in this form before 23rd December to submit a group’s designs or share with parents/carers to fill in individually.

Once entries have been received and the submission deadline has passed the charity will open an online vote to decide the winner. The online vote will be open until the end of January 2023. The charity’s membership have the opportunity to vote and the badge with the most votes will be produced and sent to all Woodcraft Folk’s members under the age of 16 from across England, Wales and Scotland.

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