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Leaders head to Scotland for training weekend

Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel was the venue for Woodcraft Folk’s first Scottish leader training weekend post pandemic earlier this month. A fabulous group of 19 people travelled from near (Edinburgh itself, Glasgow) and far (Argyll, Lochwinnoch, Yorkshire, Preston) to learn more about Woodcraft Folk and how to run groups. The youth organisation’s Head of Membership and Programmes, Owen Sedgwick-Jell, and Scottish Officer, Fleur Gayet organised and led the event.

On Saturday, the training covered aims and expectations, what is Woodcraft Folk?, a games share, group discussion techniques before reflecting on Woodcraft Folk’s aims, principles and programme planning and staying safe. On Sunday, attendees explored topics such as running safe activities, managing behaviour, group and district organisation before some individual action planning and evaluation.

Participants aims included wanting to gain activity and games ideas, finding out how to start a group as well as how to run a group, and to gain a better understanding of Woodcraft Folk. There was lots of time to explore specific questions and requests alongside the main topics.

An amazing team of volunteers ran the childcare programme which enabled several parents to take part who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Children enjoyed baking, play dough making, games and a trip to the botanic gardens.

To find upcoming leader training sessions, head to Woodcraft Folk’s website here. There are also further details on training support here. The training sessions are a great opportunity to share ideas, learn about Woodcraft Folk, develop skills and meet new people. Comments about the recent Scottish training from the participants include: ” I feel inspired and energised and eager” and “Everybody who volunteers should attend this course” and “I am even more excited to be involved in Woodcraft Folk” and they hoped, “That the momentum inspired within the weekend can be played out in our groups and grow into our communities”.

Woodcraft Folk is thankful to the National Voluntary Youth Organisations Support Fund who funded the training.

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