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Kind donations result in captivating events for Woodcraft Folk’s young members

Thanks to generous donations to Woodcraft Folk’s Residential Adventures fundraiser last December, young members of the charity have been able to enjoy an array of captivating and impactful events.

Through the fundraiser, £18,000 was raised with supporters kindness making adventurous activities possible for many young people.

Thanks to the funding, young people were able to attend Woodcraft Folk’s Camps for All event back in May held at the charity’s Height Gate Centre. The charity was able to offer a number of subsidised places due to donations. The Camps for All weekend brought together young people from across the country including London, Leeds, Newcastle, Buxton and Leicester. Camps for All experiences aim to connect with young people who are existing young members of Woodcraft Folk and those who are brand new to the organisation. The camps are hosted at Woodcraft Folk centres yearly.

In the beautiful sunshine at Height Gate, the participants all took part in pizza making, firelighting, weasling, making survival bracelets, a walk to Stoodley Pike, cooperative games and challenges with new friends. You can find out more about Camps for All here with a further two camps scheduled for this upcoming autumn.

A young participant said:

“I really enjoyed it because I’m going to be honest, I don’t usually stay outside that much […] I now know that being in the forest and the sunshine, running around and having fun is way better than being on a tablet all day.

Donations from the Residential Adventures fundraiser also enabled young members to be able to attend Woodcraft Folk’s Venturer camp held this summer.

Venturer Camp, was a youth camp organised by a team of young volunteers for their younger peers that took place in August from 5-12 August! 400 Venturers (13-17-year-olds) spent a week camping, learning, taking part in adventurous outdoor activities and engaging workshops. Residential Adventures funded discounted places for campers who would otherwise be unable to come.

Those inspired to donate to the charity after hearing the impact the Residential Adventures Fundraiser had, are being encouraged to donate via Giving Checkout. Woodcraft Folk have recently set up a Giving Checkout – a donation platform by JustGiving that has no processing fees! Woodcraft Folk get 100% of the money donated to them on Giving Checkout. You can even choose to add a tip to help JustGiving cover the costs – if you don’t want to, change the tip amount to “other” and write in £0.

You can donate via Giving Checkout here!

Woodcraft Folk’s charity Fundraiser Cici says:

“It’s great that we can now use Giving Checkout as our donation platform – if you come to our website to donate, links will send you straight to Giving Checkout. That means we get 100% of your donation, without us having to spend any platform fees, so 100% of the money you give goes to supporting children and young people. The success of the Residential Adventures campaign just shows how far donations can go and what crucial impact they have to young people’s lives. Thanks to donations young people were able to enjoy new experiences they would likely never of had the chance to otherwise without the support.'”

For more information on donations or fundraising contact Woodcraft Folk Fundraiser Cici by emailing

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