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Ingenious Engineers School Sessions!

Over the past week some of our team of volunteer engineers have been running sessions for years 3-6 at Woodslee Coop Academy as part of their blended home/school online learning. Our Ingenious project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and we are working with a team of recruited volunteer engineers with a huge range of backgrounds and experiences to help young people understand how engineering is helping to combat the climate crisis and gain a deeper understanding of engineering.  

The first session for years 3&4 and focused on how engineers are working across the world to use robotics and sustainable housing to make our futures more green and help combat the climate crisis. Later in the week years 5&6 focused on renewable energy production and greener ways to use and save water from engineers who have loads of experience within these fields. The students were engaged and had lots of questions for our engineers.  

See below a fantastic example of a robot that could help save our world by sucking up nasty gasses that a year 3 student created after the session. 

At the beginning of the month two of our engineers with a background in renewable energy production led a session for Cambridge Venturers which helped the group to get their thoughts flowing about sustainable living and making our future as bright and green as possible. 

Would you like an engineer to visit your group or school?

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