Our groups

Our group nights usually last between one and two hours, depending on the age of the children or young people. They are run by adult volunteers, parents and young people.

We divide our groups by age:

Under sixes are known as Woodchips

Six to nine year olds are known as Elfins

Ten to twelve year olds are Pioneers

Thirteen to fifteen year olds are Venturers

And our DFs (or District Fellows) are sixteen to twenty. They are more autonomous and usually arrange their own activities as well as helping with the younger groups.


Children contribute their ideas and are encouraged to make suggestions for activities, camps and group trips.

How many groups are there?

We currently have about 400 groups meeting around the country, mainly in urban areas, and increasingly more are in rural areas. To find your nearest local group, have a look at the Woodcraft Folk map.

Alternatively if you are interested in setting up a new group have a look at the new group area of the website.

To find out about becoming a member, see our Join Woodcraft Folk page.