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First Woodcraft Folk Scotland event hosted in over two years a huge success!

Woodcraft Folk’s had a fantastic turnout of 69 adults and young people attended their Scotland day event, Reconnecting for Well-being.

The event was held in Falkirk in late March and all six districts were represented with people coming from Glasgow, Stirling, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Dundee.

Fabulous sunshine filled weather meant attendees were outdoors all day taking part in activities such as drumming and circus skills workshops which was followed by a special circus show performance!

The highlight for those who attended was being able to catch-up with friends from different groups in-person and come together for a big event for the first time pre-pandemic. The theme of the event was reconnecting for well-being and volunteer appreciation and there was a chance to catch up on plans for Woodcraft Folk’s international camp Common Ground, where the Scottish groups will come together and have their own village.

Volunteers were given well-being bags gifted as a thank you for keeping local groups going over the last 2+ pandemic years which are the lifeblood of the youth organisation. The gift bags included tartan buffs courtesy of ScotMid Co-operative, as well as detoxing and calming teabags, a badge and a chocolate Easter egg.

Attendees were also treated to homemade soup and home baking.

Woodcraft Folk Scotland want to thank all those who attended the event and made the event the special occasion that it was.

To find out more about Woodcraft Folk Scotland you can email and to keep up to date with news, you can follow them on social media here

The event was funded by the National Voluntary Organisations Support Fund.

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