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Webinar: Managing Risks of Peer-to-Peer Abuse

Replay: Join Chloe Morton for a safeguarding webinar on managing the risks of peer-to-peer abuse.

Chloe has worked in the youth and safeguarding space for almost 20 years. During this time she has led national services for children and young people such as The Mix and BeatBullying. Chloe now provides consultancy and freelance support to the sector around safeguarding, service development and coproduction. 

From Chloe, about her session:

“Child-on-child abuse has almost been coined as a new term to describe well established behaviours, from bullying to devastating cases such as Jamie Bulger. During our session on peer-on-peer abuse, we will:

      • Explore what peer-on-peer abuse is and how it shows up

      • Discuss how to respond to concerns or incidents 

      • Identify preventative strategies

    You will get the most from our session if you come with an open mind, a commitment to participate and a curiosity about how to develop as a leader and group. This session will offer more in-person than slides can provide but you will also take away your own actions and resources to support you moving forwards.”.

    Download and print the slides from this session here.

    Webinar Replay



    13 Dec 2022


    6:00 pm

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