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Engineer Visits to Your Group!

For those who don’t know we are currently working on a Royal Academy of Engineering funded project to support engineers to share engineering solutions to the climate emergency. The project aims to support children and young people to learn about climate science and the impact of engineering on our everyday lives, reducing eco anxiety and inspiring young people to question and consider STEM training or careers.

We have successfully recruited a team of engineers who are receiving training in public engagement, online safety, group facilitation and safeguarding. The team would love to offer online sessions for Woodcraft Folk groups. These can be delivered via Zoom whilst face to face meeting is still not permitted and take place as your usual group night. These sessions can be made suitable for all ages from Elfin to DF and could be a ‘Meet an Engineer’ Session where the students could ‘meet an engineer’ from the team and have a Q&A and a small presentation of how they got into their career, what they specialise in and how they see this area fighting the climate crisis. Our team is very diverse with a lot of different experiences for young people to hear about and learn more. Some of our volunteers have experience working with green technologies and large scale energy generation which could also be really interesting to young students who are wanting to fight against the climate crisis. 

Other sessions could include activities that can be tailored to your group’s interest on the following topics:

  1. Power supply 
  2. Resource use
  3. Water supply
  4. Food
  5. Waste

Please get in touch with Lauren if you would like to book an engineer to visit your group and help with a session from climate change bingo to a healthy debate around the food we eat, how it’s produced and overall how engineering is fighting the climate emergency. 

If you or your young people have any questions directly for our engineers feel free to get in touch with us by emailing ask an engineer 

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