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December Special Supporters Update

Woodcraft Folk recently hosted a special Supporters Update in December which you can watch here and below.

Debs McCahon, Woodcraft Folk’s Chief Executive, and Aggie Taylor, Chair of General Council shared information about the latest news from across the movement including upcoming outdoor adventures and camps planned for 2023. The charity celebrated Common Ground camp which they hosted earlier in the summer which was attended by 2,700 campers from 22 countries and over 150 workshops were run on topics ranging from sustainability to children’s rights. Other topics for discussion was the upcoming 2023 Vcamp, centre updates including decarbonisation activity and renovation works, the Camps for All programme and the charity’s 100 year anniversary plans.

The charity’s Fundraiser Cici Carey-Stuart along with Aggie and Debs also gave an update on Woodcraft Folk’s recent Christmas Challenge campaign. The Christmas Challenge raised funds to bring residentials and Woodcraft Folk experiences to disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. The campaign was match funded by the Four Acre Trust who support youth clubs and projects. Cici detailed how contributions from the membership and supporters are crucial in enabling more children and young people to benefit from a Woodcraft Folk experience. A huge thank you went out to those who had made donations so far which totalled at the time of recording £15,140 with donations ranging from £5-£350. Donations close on Tuesday 6th December at 12pm.

Woodcraft Folk’s next Supporter’s Update will take place on 28th February @7.30PM. The update will celebrate achievements of the charity’s current strategic plan whilst beginning to discuss priorities for the next strategic plan. You can find booking details for the webinar here.

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