Pioneer Summer Camp FAQs

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Whilst many local groups and regions regularly organise camps for Pioneer age groups this is the first national Pioneer Camp organised by Woodcraft Folk.

1. Where will the camp be taking place?

Biblins Youth Campsite, HR9 6DX

Biblins is a youth campsite managed by Woodcraft Folk in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire.

2. When is the camp? How much does it cost?

Camping for Pioneer groups is available from 2-13 August. A range of dates and lengths of stay are available within this period. Available booking options, and prices per camper, are as follows:

2-5 August3£60
5-7 August2£40
2-7 August5£100
7-10 August3£60
10-13 August3£60
7-13 August6£120

3. Who can attend the Pioneer camp?

Pioneer camp is aimed at children aged 10, 11 and 12 years old.

Within reason it will be possible for children of other ages to attend the camp, although it should be noted that all programme activities will be targeted at 10-12 year olds. 

Older siblings may wish to support programme activities and attend as a young leader. 

A younger sibling may find little of interest at the camp with no suitable activities on offer.

4. Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?

Yes, all children need to be accompanied by a Woodcraft Folk leader, or by a parent/carer. The adult must be able to act in loco parentis during the period of the camp.

We would expect one adult to take responsibility for no more than 8 children.

Parental consent will be required for all children attending the event.

5. Do adults need a DBS to attend?

All those aged 16 years and over attending the camp will be required to complete Woodcraft Folk screening procedures, this includes an enhanced DBS or PVG application and references.

6. How much does it cost?

£20 per person per day. This is payable for each adult and child attending the camp, and covers camp fees, food and activities. This does not include transport to Biblins.

7. How many people are you expecting?

The size of camping 'villages' will be determined by the maximum permitted bubble size when updated restrictions for youth camping are announced. While we expect that bubbles will need to remain separate, groups will be able to participate in similar activities during their stay. We hope that Pioneers will have a chance to meet other Pioneers within their villages. 

This is the first national Pioneer camp, and is taking place following a period of Covid restrictions, so predicting numbers is challenging. However, we are planning to host up to 250 campers over the dates above.

8. What is the deadline for booking?

Booking is now open! Speak to your group leader/accompanying adult about booking in and they can book for the group.

All details (e.g. allergies, dietary requirements etc) will need to be completed by 5 July. 

9. How do we book?

Bookings can be made by group leaders through our Woodcraft Folk online booking system that has been used for big camps in the past

To get details of how to book through your group/district talk to your group/district coordinator.

10. How and when do we need to pay?

We would like people to pay by phone using debit/credit card, BACS, cheque or other method.

We expect final payments to be made by 7 July.

11. Will Covid testing be required  before/during the camp?

Requirements for testing young people and adults have yet to be confirmed. However, we expect that partipants aged 11 or over will need to take a lateral flow test before departing for camp (and report negative), and at intervals of not more than 72 hours while at camp. A further test will be required within 48 hours of returning home. 

Woodcraft Folk will monitor Public Health England and sector guidance to ensure our activities are Covid-safe.

12. What will happen if I test positive before the camp?

You will not be able to attend the camp, but we will give you a full refund. If you finish isolation before 13 August we may be able to accommodate you on site depending on numbers and restrictions.

13. What will happen if I demonstrate COVID symptoms whilst on camp?

You will be supported to take a PCR test, whilst we await the results you will be kept in quarantine away from members of your bubble.

14. What will happen if I test positive during the camp?

If you have a positive lateral flow test during the camp you will be supported to take a PCR test. Whilst we await the results you will be kept in quarantine away from members of your bubble. If you have a positive PCR test we will arrange for you to travel home along with the rest of your bubble. 

15. What will happen if I test positive on my return from the camp?

You will need to let us know to contact everyone else. If someone else from your bubble tests positive on returning home, you will be contacted by Woodcraft Folk and will have to isolate for up to 10 days since your last contact with the individual who tested positive.

If you subsequently develop symptoms you should get a PCR test and follow NHS guidelines.

16. Will we need to be socially distanced?

The restrictions that will apply to youth camps in August have yet to be confirmed. We believe that we will be required to continue to operate with a range of measures in place to protect participants, including:

  • Extra hand washing and effective hygiene
  • Lateral flow testing
  • Distancing of 1m+
  • Face coverings worn when indoors, this includes marquees when all the sides are down
  • Dedicated bathrooms - one to each bubble
  • Camping in bubbles
  • Contact details retainind and provided with NHS Test & Trace if required

Woodcraft Folk will monitor Public Health England and sector guidance to ensure our activities are COVID safe. Plans for the camp will be amended as necessary to ensure that the event is consistent with the guidance in force at the time. A full Covid briefing will be offered to all participants prior to the event if needed.

We are currently working on the assumption that young people will be able to share tents with people not in their household, but will know more once guidance for youth work residentials has been published by the National Youth Agency in the coming weeks.

17. How will food be organised?

Food will be organised centrally; this will include the planning of menus, food purchasing and preparation. 

All campers will be offered breakfast, lunch, regular refreshments and dinner. All campers will be asked to submit dietary requirements by 15 July to ensure their needs can be met.

18. What programme activities will there be?

A full programme of activities is currently being planned by the volunteer team. More information will be shared when available, but programme will include:

  • Co-operative games

  • Arts & craft
  • Bushcraft
  • Science & Technology
  • Climate science activities

More programme information will shared when available.

19. As a camper, what equipment will I need to bring?

A kit list will be provided, but you should expect to bring a sleeping bag and clothing for a summer camp (so all weathers!).

Groups attending camp (whether Pioneer groups or family groups) be expected to provide their own sleeping tents (see also 16 above). 

20. How accessible is the accommodation?

The site is largely level, and grassed. Camping pitches at Biblins are accessible by a track suitable for motor vehicles. Some accessible indoor accommodation can be provided in The Burrow. Camper vans may be brought onto the site by agreement of the camp organisers. Fully accessible toilet facilities and wet rooms are available on site.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss accessibility in more detail.

Additional Information for Group Leaders

Will we be organised into villages?


What central equipment will be provided?

Each village will be expected to provide a fully equipped kitchen tent; we will liaise with groups to ensure those Districts closest to the site and with the greatest capacity are asked to bring along the necessary equipment.

How can we travel to and from camp?

Groups can travel to camp together and may travel with others who will be in their village. 

Groups cannot travel with another Woodcraft Folk group (or family group) who will not be in their village when they get to camp.

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