Covid-19 updates

Here you will find the regular Covid-19 updates and guidance issued to Woodcraft Folk groups and members.

Updated 5 March2021

COVID-19 Update: easing of lockdown restrictions in England

Groups in England may resume face-to-face delivery outdoors only with effect from 29 March, subject to the restrctions and precautions outlined in the briefing note attached below, and detailed in the guidance produced by the National Youth Agency. Groups in Scotland and Wales should continue to deliver activities online or via remote participation only, pending further advice on the easing of the current restrictions, and how this will apply to the youth sector.

Before resuming any face-to-face delivery, groups are required to complete the Reopening Checklist to notify Folk Office of their plans.

Updated 5 January 2021

COVID-19 Update: new lockdowns in England & Scotland

Following the announcements of new lockdown restrictions in England & Scotland, face-to-face provision by Woodcraft Folk groups is no longer permitted in England, Scotland or Wales. Groups should deliver their activities online or via remote participation only, and should plan to do so for at least the first half of the Spring Term.

Updated 21st December 2020

COVID-19 Update: Introdcution of Tier 4 in England

Following the announcement of a new 'Tier 4' at the weekend, covering London and much of the South East of England, the National Youth Agency have advised us that the readiness state for youth work in these areas is now RED, meaning no face-to-face activities are to be undertaken. In all other areas of England, the AMBER state remains in force, as per the guidance issued on 2 December, available below.

Woodcraft Folk will update its guidance to groups early in the new year. In the meantime, please refer to the NYA's guidance page. It is unclear at present how long tier 4 restrictions will be in place, but groups in these areas are advised to plan for an online-only programme for the first half of the Spring Term.

Updated 2nd December 2020

Updated November 2020

COVID-19 Update:  Please read our guidance for group activities under the new national restrictions.

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