Covid-19 updates

Here you will find the regular Covid-19 updates and guidance issued to Woodcraft Folk groups and members.

Updated 21 July 2021

COVID-19 Update: current restrictions for groups in England, Scotland & Wales

Groups in England may deliver activities outdoors or indoors, subject to the precautions detailed in the guidance produced by the National Youth AgencyCamping and residential activities are now permitteed for groups of any size, though control measures are still required to protect against the spread of infection, including as regular lateral flow testing; for details see the latest Update for Groups in England.

Scottish groups may also deliver activities outdoors and indoors activites, and residetnial activities are permitted. The relevant restrictions for groups is Scotland are outlined by YouthLink Scotland in their guiding framework document, and in the latest Update for Groups in Scotland.

Gwerin y Coed groups may also meet outdoors or indoors, subject to the guidance issued by the Welsh Government for organised children's activities. Gwerin y Coed groups in Wales can also camp or go away to hostel/bunkhouse accommodation, but on the basis of single occupancy of sleeping spaces.

If you have a camp planned, you must email your risk assessment for the event to before you leave for camp. 

Summer Camps

We are offering residential experiences at Woodcraft Folk's centres for young members, which will be organised in line with the restrictions in force at the time. This may be an attractive alternative for Pioneer and Venturer groups to running their own group or distirct camps. 

Camping for Pioneers is being offered at Biblins from 2 to 13 August.

Camps and residentials for Ventuers are being offered at Biblins, Cudham, Darsham, Lockerbrook and Park Farm from 7 to 13 August. More information and frequently asked questions have been sent to relevant group and district contacts, and are available here:

We have also produced guidance for groups in England for responding to suspected or confirmed cases in their groups or at camps, based on the advice from the NYA and government.

Next Steps

Any groups who have yet to resume face-to-face activities must complete the appropriate version of the Reopening Checklist to notify Folk Office of their plans:

Template risk assessments for England/Wales and for Scotland have also been prepared with outdoor sessions in mind - these outline many of the main risks and suggested mitigation measures, together with other factors that groups may need to conisder - these can be used by groups to inform their own risk assessment process.


If you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures regarding COVID-19, please email

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