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Common Ground grateful for funding from Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust

The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust (JWCT) is a charity set up in tribute to and memory of Jeremy Willson. The charity helps people and projects that reflect Jeremy Willson’s passions in life: athletics, geology, adventure and the environment. 

Over the summe,r Woodcraft Folk hosted Common Ground international camp which brought together 2700 people from 22 different countries to play games, make new friends and engage in workshops and activities to help the charity’s young members and their international counterparts, explore big ideas that will help their futures be brighter, fairer and more sustainable. 

Woodcraft Folk were lucky enough to receive funding from the Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust to purchase sports equipment for young people and volunteers to play with and use during the camp.

Woodcraft Folk saw the importance of keeping their camp participants and volunteers active whilst they were at camp as well as having time to make new friends from around the world whilst they were playing games.

Attila, Common Ground attendee, age 7, said:

  “Having the sports equipment at camp really helped me to make new friends and learn new games” 

With the funds from JWCT, Woodcraft Folk purchased footballs, cones, tennis rackets, balls, skipping ropes, stilts, bean bags, ribbons and more sports games for young camp attendees to play. 

“I enjoyed playing games with my friends and moving around” – Luna, Common Ground attendee aged 15.

Woodcraft Folk extends a huge thanks to JWCT for this support.

The sports equipment will now be used at future camps and events including the charity’s next Vcamp and Woodcraft Folk’s centenary camp in 2025.   

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