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Champions for Children – help give the gift of playtime

Woodcraft Folk are launching their “Champions for Children” fundraising campaign on 14th June with the goal of sharing free Woodcraft Folk activities with disadvantaged children across London! The charity is asking their supporters, members and volunteers to help spread the word about the fundraiser to ensure they reach their goal.

Young people in Woodcraft Folk get to regularly take part in co-operative play and outdoor adventures with their peers, something that a lot of children have been deprived of over the last two years. Woodcraft Folk groups have been a source of support for many children and their families since the pandemic, but groups can’t reach every child that would benefit from attending.

To reach out to those children, the charity are running a Champions for Children campaign from 14th-21st June. Woodcraft Folk will be raising money to fund free Play Out sessions and residential experiences for children across London. The campaign proves an amazing opportunity in that Champions for Children is match-funded! During the campaign, every online donation received will be doubled by the funders at the Childhood Trust, meaning the youth charity will be able to give twice as many children their first experience of Woodcraft Folk and some much needed playtime and outdoor adventures

So what can you do to help? The best way to support the campaign is to share it with your friends, colleagues and family. The charity needs to let as many people know as possible that the match fund campaign is the best time to donate to Woodcraft Folk. Anyone who knows someone in Woodcraft Folk knows the benefits that attending groups brings to young people!

Those wanting to promote the campaign are being asked to share the campaign page, and follow Woodcraft Folk on social media where you’ll be able to find all the easy-to-share posts when then launch in June.

Woodcraft Folk Fundraiser Cici says:

“We’re really looking forward to this campaign. Together, we can do a fantastic amount of good for disadvantaged children in our biggest city. Let people know if you’re donating, share the campaign, put it in your calendar and remind each other when the time comes (Tuesday 14th June!). Remember, because of the match fund, we’ll be able to double our impact and help twice as many children experience the fun of Woodcraft Folk! Those who donate will literally be giving children the gift of playtime”.

The charity is also asking people to consider asking if their workplace or trade union might want to donate and to let them know why the campaign matters to you. If they want to donate, the charity says to tell them to get in touch with Woodcraft Folk.

If you volunteer with a Woodcraft Folk group, the charity is encouraging group leaders to help by putting on a fundraising event. Follow this link to find out how you can help.

For more information or to get involved head here or contact

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