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Camps for All heads to Height Gate

In May, youth organisation Woodcraft Folk hosted their most recent Camps for All at the charity’s Height Gate Outdoor Centre. The residential event brought together young people from across the country including London, Leeds, Newcastle, Buxtong and Leicester. Camps for All experiences aim to connect with young people who are existing young members of Woodcraft Folk and those who are brand new to the organisation. Though Camps for All, attendees join the charity for residential experiences and take part in adventurous activities.

In the beautiful sunshine, at Height Gate, the participants all took part in pizza making, firelighting, weasling, making survival bracelets, a walk to Stoodley Pike, cooperative games and challenges with new friends.

Whilst firelighting, small groups had the challenge of keeping their fires lit for 15 minutes, all groups succeeded and used new techniques to feed the fire. Some of the groups even made a piece of toast on their small fires. This is one of the benefits of Camps for All, as well as it being fun for participants and a chance to make new friends, they leave having learnt new skills.

“It was so fun to keep our fire alive for 15 minutes and I’ll always remember when it went dark walking up Stoodley Pike” Participant age 12. 

The weasling activity involved a mix of rock climbing and caving. The young participants worked together to motivate each other and encourage their friends to try new experiences. The weasling was led by Height Gate Centre Coordinator Andy who said “it was great to see all of the young people give everything a go, if some could see their friends were worried, they gave them reassurance”. 

During the evenings, the group took part in a campfire, roasting marshmallows and other campfire treats and cooperative games and challenges. 

Whilst at Height Gate everyone learnt something new and got to know new people, taking away memories to last a lifetime. Those who hadn’t been to Woodcraft Folk before, were warmly welcomed and guided by those who have had a lot of experience of Woodcraft Folk activities and residential events which was wonderful to see. 

Camps for All events later in the year include weekends at Biblins Youth Campsite and Lockerbrook Farm Outdoor Centre in October and November. Find out more and book here

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