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Fun in the Sun at Biblins

After pretty much two years without camping, Woodcraft’s summer camps were back this August for pioneers and venturers at Biblins Campsite! Pioneers aged 10-12 had a jam-packed week commencing on Monday 2nd of August 2021 until Saturday 7th of August 2021. The week of activities started out with a bang with orienteering led by onsite ESC volunteers Ivan and Federica. This was followed by activities from the Kids Got Rights project led by Lauren Karstadt. These workshops showcased the importance of children’s rights and what it means to young people themselves. These workshops sparked great discussion among the Pioneers.

Other activities consisted of more children’s rights workshops, parachute and active games with the help from ESC volunteers Lauren Halley and Barbora. DF’s from Newham District were present, helping out throughout the week who were also tremendous help. The participant’s knife and campfire making skills were put to the test during bushcraft workshops. The end of the week saw water activities with canoeing facilitated by Mike and go kart making facilitated by Rick. The young people put their culinary skills to the test also throughout the week by making and cooking upon a campfire and taking part in clans. The evenings were filled with games, singing, storytelling and get togethers around the campfire each night. It definitely was one successful week bringing the young people together again after so long. Everyone enjoyed the camping experience developing their skills, togetherness and most importantly had fun!

Camp for Venturers at Biblins

Following on from Pioneer camp camp for Venturers at Biblins started on on Saturday 7th August. The week started off with settling in and making acquaintances with everyone. Kicking off the week was an orienteering activity. This was followed by a very successful all change climate workshop facilitated by Elaine Brown and our Owen, Head of Membership and Programmes. The theme of climate change remained consistent throughout the week. Venturers took part in activities such as water filtration and building reusable towers set out by our fantastic Ingenious engineers who kept the engagement of the young people alive. The discussions of climate change was evident throughout the activities ultimately spreading more awareness and empowering the young people.

Travel was another topic of discussion with Lauren Halley facilitating an ESC workshop, spreading more awareness on the travel opportunities for young people allowing a new perspective with the discussions had on travelling. The remainder of the week consisted of nature and fun filled activities. Participants took part in hikes, go karting and wide games such as capture the flag. Finally of course there would be no camp without getting together and singing around the campfire. Werewolves being a very popular game to play around the campfire. To conclude the two weeks at Biblins Campsite were a success and a lot of fun. Skills, competencies and long lasting friendships were developed and made.

Watch this space for more news from our other national camps for Venturers that took place at Lockerbrook and Cudham residential centres. Do you have a story or some photos from camp to share? Get in touch by emailing 

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