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Showing anger


Divide the main group into three groups. Ask each small group to discuss soap operas they watch and the way that the actors portray feeling angry in different ways, both through aggression and in other ways. Encourage them to think about behaviour and consequences. Then hand out sticky notes to each group and ask them to write the name of a soap character on each sticky note.

Meanwhile, stick the picture of the thermometer on the wall.

Now, show the young people the ‘Anger Thermometer’ and explain that the thermometer is a continuum, with passive at one end of the scale, through Assertive to Aggressive at the far end. Recap the broad definitions from the warm-up activity to help.

Next, invite a member from each group in turn to place their soap character onto the thermometer in the place that they think best defines the character’s behaviours. Encourage the young people to explain their decisions and ask them if they think the character gets what they want as a result of their behaviour.

Consider alternative ways that they could reach a positive conclusion.

Resources Required

A flipchart sheet with a drawing of a thermometer on it, sticky notes and pens.


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