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Nuclear Apocalypse


The aim of the game is to ‘escape a nuclear apocalypse’ by getting from one end of the room to the other as quickly as possible without your feet touching the toxic floor. Split the group into equal teams of 4 or more. Set out the chairs so that they are in a line heading towards the other end of the room. There needs to be one more chair than person for each team.

Shout “Go!” and the teams must climb onto their chairs and then co-operate to move the chair at the back of the line to the front so they can step forwards. They repeat this process to get to the other end of the hall without touching the floor. The first team to get there wins.


You can make it harder by removing chairs throughout the game. This means that the Venturers have to squeeze onto chairs together, making it harder for them to move quickly and more likely to fall off. If you have other equipment available (mats, benches, tables etc), you could place obstacle in the way for the teams to go around or over. If you don’t have any chairs, you can play this game with a substitute such as mats or pieces of paper (like lily pads).

Resources Required

One chair per person, plus a few extra


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