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Woodcraft Folk welcomes new ESC volunteer!

Eva Chatrain arrived last week from France, she joins Woodcraft Folk in London as an European Solidarity Corps volunteer and will be supporting the youth charity during the next 12 months. Eva will: work with the charity’s communications team, support some local Woodcraft Folk groups, help with the preparation, planning and delivery of youth activities as well as work with the development team on school and community outreach. Eva will be staying with a host family in Newham and will be part of the Newham Woodcraft Folk group.

The European Solidarity Corps funding is provided in the form of grants to organisations to host full time volunteers from across the European Union. Woodcraft Folk is part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteering programme which is managed by the European Commission. Woodcraft Folk have hosted many volunteers from the EU over the years. In 2021, the organisation hosted volunteers from Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain and Italy. Find out more about our current ESC volunteers here

Eva is excited to be joining Woodcraft Folk after graduating University last September and wants to live a new experience and be part of a meaningful project. 

Eva Chatrain, Woodcraft Folk ESC volunteer says:

“The Woodcraft Folk organisation is the perfect place for me to develop and learn new skills. My values and principles match with those of Woodcraft Folk; from the protection of the environment to the defence of human’s rights. I am really interested in working with children and young people and strongly believe that a good education is the key to a positive future.”

Through this new adventure and experience Eva hopes to learn new skills and wishes to take part in Woodcraft Folk’s activities and projects as much as possible. 

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