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A Better Deal for Communities

The General Federation of Trade Unions and the TUC are calling for Trade Unions to unite with community organisations to create a better deal for communities across the UK. The idea is simply that we share similar values; Trade unions represent workers at work and seek dignity in the workplace, community organisations represent people and seek dignity in society. 

Woodcraft Folk’s CEO, Debs McCahon, recently joined other civic organisations in the first joint conference between Trade Unions and the voluntary sector to explore opportunities to collaborate to achieve more for local communities. The event, whilst the first of its kind, recognises that there is increasing dialogue and sharing of opportunities and services between the community organisations and Trade Union. Woodcraft Folk has welcomed Trade Union affiliations and has joined various campaigns of mutual interest.

During the event there were calls to improve access to health care, reduce food insecurity and improve the quality of life for all members of the community – the youngest, the workers, the unemployed and the oldest!

Debs shared with the audience how Woodcraft Folk had been working throughout the pandemic to support children, young people and families to maintain connections within their communities, how Woodcraft Folk had joined other youth groups in providing meals to vulnerable groups during the school holidays as well continuing to support young people to develop youth led responses to local community needs.

Other contributors included the Justice 4 Grenfell campaign, Community Matters and local Trade Union councils. There was agreement that we all needed to co-operate to raise standards and reduce the growing inequalities which exist within our communities.

The next step will be to host a series of roadshows across the country, consulting with community members to ensure the might of the Trade Union movement is making demands to address the issues most important to the communities they serve. Woodcraft Folk members will be invited to these roadshow events to ensure that the voice of young people is heard and to shape a collective vision which seeks to rebuild our country and create a deeper sense of agency and control by the people.

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