Welcome to volunteering with Woodcraft Folk!


Why volunteer with Woodcraft Folk?

Woodcraft Folk runs on the passion and energy of thousands of volunteers. For over eighty-five years, we've been working with children and young people to develop their self-confidence and ability to act in society. Volunteers are right at the heart of this work and we're always looking for more, to strengthen our groups and create new ones.

Volunteering with us could give you the chance to work with young people, support a local community organisation and attend exciting, amazing events…and much more besides. It can be inspiring, enriching and life-changing. Click here to read more about what volunteering may involve, and what it can offer you.

How do you start volunteering with Woodcraft Folk?

It’s really easy!

Have a read of our Volunteer Guide to find out more about how Woodcraft Folk works and the range of ways to get involved.

Fill in an expression of interest form, to let us know where you’re based and what types of activities you’re interested in. We’ll get back to you with more information and put you in touch with volunteer co-ordinators in your local area.


What support is available for volunteers, and what would be expected of me?

We are committed to supporting our volunteers, and offer:

We ask our volunteers to:

Woodcraft Folk has a volunteer policy, which gives further detail and is important reading for new and existing volunteers. Click here to find out more.

So, why not get started? Click here to enquire about volunteering with Woodcraft Folk