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Winter Wonderland North Booking Open

16 September 2014 - 7:30pm

 Winter Wonderland North Booking is Open now! 


Winter Wonderland happens 27th-30th December every year. Don’t worry though, we won’t be camping! This event is the big celebration of DFs, we welcome a new year of DFs on DF new year (30th Dec).

This event will be full to the brim of  dancing, singing, shouting ‘TUNE’, walking, discussing, debating, crafting, wonderful people, hugs, oven cooked food, eating said food, sleeping, warm indoors, dressing up, 3 theme nights, guitars, ukuleles and smiles.

Coordinators – Manchester DFs

Site – Near Harrogate/Darlington

Event – £65 including Fairer Fare

Date – 27th – 30th December 2014

Who – DFs (16-20 members of the Woodcraft Folk)









As there has been problems with lots of people dropping out in previous years, so  there is a refunds policy for this years events CLICK HERE to find it.

If you cancel without a valid reason

  • More than a  month (before 27th Nov)- Full refund
  • Less than a month (after 27th Nov) – £15 cancellation charge
  • Booked but do not attend/cancel on 26th Dec – £30 cancellation charge






Winter Wonderland South Booking Open

16 September 2014 - 7:30pm















Now that September is well and truly upon us we have all been buried under a pile of work, part time work, school work, house work, work work.

BUT there are also a multitude of things to look forward to in the next couple of months:

picking a halloween costume, carving pumpkins, watching the fireworks, writing to santa, going to South East Thing, pumpkin spice latte, jumpers, snow, Christmas, Other wintery celebrations of family and life

See, loads to look forward to. Hang on. I’m sure there was something else for that list. something about woodies? And winter? oh yeah, Winter Wonderland! Now that’s what we’re really excited about!

So let’s get to the nitty gritty. This year there are going to be two winter wonderlands, one in the north and one in the south. South is being run by:

  • Faye Deakin (admin)
  • Sophie Holden (admin & night programme)
  • Esther Price ( day programme)
  • Minne Alred (KE)
  • Zoe Fidler (KP)
  • Charlotte Williams (KP)

Dates – 27th-30th December 2014

Price – £65 including Fairer Fare. Pay when you arrive or post a Cheque to:

Faye Deakin, 9 Godesdone Road, Cambridge CB1 8HR

Who – DFs (16-20 members of the Woodcraft Folk)

Winter Wonderland South is being held in a really beautiful building about an hour from Cambridge.

Nearest Train Station - Huntington

Programme is still in the works but there will of course be a cheesy disco and a mini thing as well as other fantastic entertainment for the night and activities for the day. If you would like to run something please don’t hesitate to contact Esther or Sophie.

As always Winter Wonderland will take place from the 27th-30th December. Booking is open now so get ready to have an amazing three days and we’ll see you soon!

As there has been problems with lots of people dropping out in previous years, so there is a refunds policy for this years events CLICK HERE to find it.

If you cancel without a valid reason

  • More than a  month (before 27th Nov)- Full refund
  • Less than a month (after 27th Nov) – £15 cancellation charge
  • Booked but do not attend/cancel on 26th Dec – £30 cancellation charge


Sea Monsters for Climate Change – Get involved!

5 September 2014 - 8:45pm


On the 21st of September 2014 a UN summit on climate change is taking place in New York, ahead of the climate change conference in Paris next year. Lets show them that we care. Across the world The People’s Climate March is taking to the streets, so let’s join them! Dressed as monsters from the depths of the ocean DFs will express their delight in the fact that if human governments continue to do as little as they are to protect the planet, then we will rule supreme as the lands are flooded and other sea creatures die out.

Grab your DFs and get to an action! Maybe you could make costumes at a group night? Bring along other age groups in your district? Gently persuade non woodies to don some scales and come with. Most importantly BE THERE!

Click here  to find out where the nearest action to you is. While you’re out and about, talk to people about the campaign and why it matters to you. Take lots of photos and videos if you can, and email me about what you’re up to at

Althing Booking Open

11 August 2014 - 10:37pm

Booking Open is open now!

Find out more about what Althing is HERE

£25 per person including food, accommodation, and fairer fare

Site – Drumhill Scout Camp
Morley Lane
Little Eaton
DE21 5AH

Nearest Train Station- Derby (DBY)

Any more questions email

If you want to send cheques, send to
Naomi Wilkins
1 Moor Lane
North Somerset
BS24 9QJ


Nominations open for Althing

22 July 2014 - 5:20pm
Althing is fast approaching. Motions and Musings are already being sent in.

We also need people to stand for roles. To stand all you need to do is be a DF with up to date Woodcraft Folk membership and fill in the form at the bottom of this page. You don’t have to come to Althing to stand, nor do you need any experience or cash. Any DF is welcome to stand.

Here’s a bit of information about all the roles. To find out more you can click on the page of the relevant role or talk to the person who currently has that role. If you get voted in you’ll have a month or so to get all the info you can from the old Rep and you get to come to Old/New, our changeover event.

International Affiliations

Responsible for all our overseas endeavors.

Changeover Pack 

Communications Rep

Committee Role, Two years

The comms rep is responsible for all DF Communications. Find out more by reading the Comms changeover pack.

Changeover Pack



Committee Role, Two Years

Keep minutes of all DF business and make sure we do it all right and don’t forget anything.


Affiliations Rep

Committee Role, Two years

You keep the DF Movement connected to other similar organisations, helping us work together for our shared goals.


Campaigns Rep

Committee Role, Two years

Each new Campaign comes with a new Campaigns rep. Your role will vary depending on what the campaign is. Campaigns rep manages the main campaign of the DF Movement and helps DFs with any other campaigning they’re interested in.

Campaigns Changeover Pack



Committe Role, Two years

Manager of MEST-UP. You make sure it all runs smoothly at events and elsewhere. Try to develop MEST-UP to reach even more people in more ways.

MEST-UP Rep Changeover Pack


Consideration for Chair of DF Committee

Chair of DF Committee isn’t elected by Althing. At Althing, whoever fancies standing for Chair of DF Committee needs to have the approval of Althing to be on Committee. They hust to the floor and anyone over RON will go one to be considered by the new DF Committee. As with all roles, if no one is able to fill them Committee is able to coopt someone.

If elected by DF Committee this is a Committee Role, one year.

Chair Changeover Pack



Committee Role, Two years

Laymembers sit on DF Committee but have no specific role. Their job is to help out with anything that doesn’t fit into another area and take on jobs that other DFs don’t have time for. They provide a unique perspective on what DFs should be doing, as they aren’t focused on any specific area.



Committee Role, One year

To stand for this role you must have treasuring training and experience with DF finances.


Shadow Treasurer

Committee Role, One year

Become trained in treasuring and gain experience with DF finances by shadowing the current treasurer.

Treasurer Changeover pack


Zine Editor

Other Role, One year

The role of Zine Editor is to manage the submissions, editing, and publication of the DF Zine. For every zine, submissions must be sent in by the movement (usually around a theme), compiled, edited, laid out, and published. The published copies are usually then sent out with the courier but can be sent out on their own if needs be. The zine editor has a budget to spend over the year, and can choose how many publications to make (3/4 is best). To allow for some time to create a first zine, it is best if editor of the previous year publishes one late summer/early autumn. A zine editor needs to be creative, and interested in both design and content, although needn’t be the one creating either. That being said, it is very useful to have a good understanding of how to use adobe indesign, or other design software, and be willing to write as well.

Check out the Zine here


Venturer Committee Liaison

Other Role, One year

The venturer committee liaison role is all about supporting Venturer Committee and acting as a link between them and the DF Movement. This means going to all Venturer Committee meetings, helping Venturer Committee get on with their actions, helping them get in touch with any members of DF Committee, being able to provide information about DFs, and keeping DFs/DF committee informed about what Venturer Committee is up to. It’s a great role, because Venturer Committee do really interesting stuff and achieve lots!


First Aid Rep

Other Role, One Year

Make sure all DF events have enough First Aiders. Arrange rotas for First Aiders on events. Organise training for more First Aiders. Keep a log of all serious incidents and make sure they are reported to the right people. Help event teams with parks of their Risk Assessments.


Workers Beer Rep

Must be over 18, Other Role, One year

Arrange the Workers beer places for that year. You get to guarantee yourself a place at your fave festival.



Other Role, One year

A fairly high level of technical skill is required for this role. The Webfairy is responsible for making sure and the Committee emails are working properly. They work closely with the Comms rep to make sure all DF online communication is running smoothly.


Fill in this form to Nominate someone/yourself Loading…

Gender and Feminism Summer School

23 June 2014 - 2:16pm

International Opportunity Alert!

What? Summerschool on Gender and Feminism

When? 24th -31st August 2014

Where? “Kurt Löwenstein” Education Centre in Werftpfuhl, 30km outside Berlin

How much? No more than 75€ (£60), with the possibility for help with travel expenses

How do I register?

Registration deadline: 31st July

More Info: During the Summerschool we will analyse our society, why woman and man are still not equal in our society and how gender roles are reproduced by society, which is maybe one of the reasons, why it is so difficult to overcome them. We will have as well a look into our own organisation and explore how they need to be changed to overcome male domination, which we are unfortunately often face even in our own organisations. We are aiming during summerschool to develop methods and tools to achieve gender equality in our organisation and which might help us as well in our societies.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact

Free Legal Observer Training

17 June 2014 - 7:21am

Green and Black Cross, an organisation of legal observers (not to be confused with the tea), are running Legal Observer Training in London on 5th July and in Bristol on 6th July.

Legal observers are present at protests and demonstrations, where they keep a record of what happens, mainly between protesters and police. They are often seen wearing neon tabards and sporting notepads and cameras.

This is a standard, comprehensive Legal Observer training, and will cover the following:
- Police Tactics
- Stop & Search law and procedure
- How to support arrests
- Police ranks and command structure
- Supporting direct action
- How best to legally support activists and nail the inappropriate policing afterwards

The London training on 5th July is held from 12 – 5pm. The exact location is available upon request. The time and location for the Bristol training has not been announced yet.

Email to register for the training, or simply turn up on the day. The training is completely free.

FREE travel to Summer Gathering!

5 June 2014 - 2:19pm

We’re offering up to 10 DFs free travel to Summer Gathering (13 – 21st June); a week-long bonanza of activism workshops, training, and socialising with other like-minded young people.

You’ll get to visit Grow Heathrow, the camp of activists opposed to the expansion of Heathrow, and learn about ways to tackle climate change and social justice issues. Here’s the full programme, it looks awesome:

It’s the most anticipated event on the young activist’s calender (after DF Camp of course!), so make sure you’re there! There’ll even be campfires to match those at Woodcraft.

All of this is hosted by the wonderful folks from People & Planet. Under 18s are welcome at the event.

It’s £38 for the whole week, £35 for the weekend, and £15 for a day ticket – including food, accommodation, and travel between sites while at the event (so it’s mega cheap).


To claim your free travel, simply email with a copy of your travel tickets. It’s really that easy!

Send in your Motions for Althing!

29 May 2014 - 11:07am
Are you opinionated?
Do you have ideas?
Are you confused?
Do you want to know more about how it all works?
Are you contemplative?
Do you have something you want to change? Come along to Althing this year and…

This year Althing will be held from the 29th-31st August.
We are opening the doors to motions now! But what IS Althing?

It’s only the most important event of the District Fellows Movement. The most dynamic and exhilarating democratic event in Woodcraft Folk and certainly the most potent gathering of young minds this side of the millennium! Althing is when we choose our campaigns, where we elect our committees, when we choose a Zine editor, when we scheme and plan the shape of the movement, when we make every big decision for a the coming year and beyond. It’s like an AGM but a million times more engaging, varied and fun. It’s more than a meeting – it’s a celebration of our work and an opportunity to really get to know one another! And you can be part of it!

And how does it work?

Every member of The District Fellows Movement who comes to Althing has an equal right to get their voice heard and to cast their vote on motions that can radically change the way we tick. Members can also stand for a host of key roles in the movement on DF Committee, Regional Council, Zine editor and so on. Finally anybody can bring Motions or Musings for discussion at Althing that can alter our direction, policies, events and well literally everything!

Okay, that sounds interesting…
But what is a Motion? 

Motions are fresh ideas or new ways of doing things. Anybody can submit a motion or change (amend) someone else’s. At Althing we thrash out the ideas in the motion and decide whether to move forwards with its suggestions or not.  Good motions are clear and specific, they do small things like make a national dress up day for DFs or huge things like make DFs a separate charity to Woodcraft Folk. It’s easy to submit a motion just fill in the ‘form’ below!

But what if I’m not sure how to change the thing I want to change?

That’s where musings come in! Musings are different to Motions. With a Motion you have to have a specific solution or idea in mind for how to move forward. Somtimes the idea is great but the way you wrote it down doesn’t quite wash and the idea is lost. With a musing you submit a carefully worded issue that you want to address but are unsure how best to do so. At Althing we have a collaborative discussion using consensus to generate a way forward without getting hung up on grammar and word choice. Submitting a Musing is exactly the same as submitting a motion.

Why should I send one in?

If you’ve got something you want to change/discuss fill in the form below!
Any questions email or