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A New Fundraiser

1 April 2014 - 9:28am
April Fool!

Some of you may have noticed the distinct lack of fundraising in the DFs recently. Well, good news – that’s about to change! Following long debate in the committee and many compromises and concessions, we’re proud to follow in the footsteps of student groups around the country and announce the very first annual… 

District Fellows Naked Calendar.



Yes, you read that right. Along with all the other exciting events going on at Spring Awakening (book now here), our very own Rufus Nobbinns will be shooting the first half of a naked calendar starring you, the DFs, to raise money for our organisation. The second half will be shot at DF camp – hopefully in slightly warmer surroundings.


We realise that this is a controversial decision, and so want to share some of the logic behind it. While some people may be worried about the way this calendar will portray DFs, it must be emphasised that all photos will be tasteful and non-graphic. It has long been a DF habit, as it were, to encourage the desexualisation of nudity, and to normalise the naked body. We hope that this calendar will take small steps in doing that, and will reinforce the aims and ideals we try to instil in our movement. There will be strictly no pressuring anyone to take part in this project, and friends can do a month as a group if they feel more comfortable that way. Alternatively, if there is enough demand for it among the participants, there is the possibility of having a different region for each month. There will also be a female photographer available on request.


The calendars will go on sale after Althing, and we expect prices to be around £15 each.

For more of Rufus’ work, see his Flickr here.

More information on this project will be released when more details are confirmed – but if you want to take part, or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email For now, watch this space!

Workers Beer Applications Open

28 March 2014 - 1:12am


To apply to do Workers Beer this year please send the following information to

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Email address
  • A Passport-style photo
  • A list (if any) festivals you have done with workers’ beer with DFs before
  • A list of which you would most like to do this year, and any you cannot make it to any(see below for list)

Glastonbury – 4 Places

Latitude – 4 Places

Reading – 15 Places

Leeds – 15 Places

Names will be picked out of the hat.

This means you very well may not get a place, so if you have been to the festival before (paying working, etc) maybe don’t put it as your first choice to give others a chance, though this is down to your own discretion. Be nice.

Conditions of applying

  • You must be over 18
  • You must be a Woodcraft Folk Member
  • You must be able to attend the festivals chosen and be able to arrive a day or two early and could leave a day later than the advertised dates

DF aged people will be prioritised.

You will have about 3 shifts over the festival of about 6-8 hours.

Any questions or queries speak to the Workers beer rep Toby Attrill or email


My life is missing one big thing…

18 March 2014 - 5:23am

Indonesia is an country best described as ‘luar biasa’, which literally translates to ‘outside the norm’ but means fantastic, incredible, amazing. Indonesia has thousands of languages, too many cultures to learn about, incredible wildlife, breath-taking landscape and incredibly lovely and welcoming people. Living here for the past 6 months, i’ve learnt a lot of valuable things – a lot of the national language and some of a couple of regional languages, i’ve learnt the true meaning of respecting people of different cultures, how to drive a vespa whilst navigating manic roads that don’t seem to have any rules or order to them, what it’s like to be affected by a natural disaster and have to live in refugee camps, i’ve gained confidence that I can feel shine through in all parts of my life, the list goes on, but that’s not the point…

Everyday is interesting and everyday I have a moment of overwhelming joy where I take a step back and think ‘Wow, i’m doing it, i’m living in Indonesia and having a great time!’ but there’s one thing that i’ve really struggled with, and it seems to be getting harder as the time goes on; and that’s the fact I can’t be the real Emily Connor. Two important parts of the real Emily Connor are my lack of religion and belief in God and my sexuality, however being a queer athiest in Indonesia doesn’t go down too well. I’m lucky to have one person I feel comfortable telling i’m queer and a handful of friends I can tell i’m athiest but if i’m open about these things to the majority of people I know i’d be thought of in a negative way, be made uncomfortable with questioning sessions not dissimilar from the spanish inquisition(which has happened with all the people I have told these things to – but at least they’ve respected me and not thought differently of me as a friend), be made a mockery of behind my back(and probably to my face as with quite a lot of things here, it isn’t too rude to mock people directly) and to be honest, I dread to think what other soul wrenching consequences.

Before I came to live in Indonesia I researched homosexuality in Indonesia and what I found is pretty similar to what i’ve experienced – ‘Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Indonesia will face legal challenges and prejudices not experienced by non-LGBT residents.The law does not recognize, gay marraige, civil unions or domestic partnership benefits ‘. I’ve seen no signs of queer friendly organisations, places or any acknowledgement of LGBTQ+ existing other than a few conversations. And when I say a few, I mean that in a whole 6 months of living here, I can recall 5 conversations about sexuality that weren’t between me and the one friend i’ve told about my own sexuality.

  1. A conversation with my boss who seemed to be ‘accepting’ of all sexualities and ‘has lots of gay friends from around the world’ though who doesn’t seem to think it a big enough injustice to campaign or educate people about.
  2. A student being scared of sitting next to another student because he was presumed by the rest of the group to be gay.
  3. Some people frabotaging their friend and thinking it hilarious to write the oh-so over used ‘There’s something I want to tell you all, I’m Gay!’ line.
  4. A group of girls asking me if I had any male friends who might want to go out with their male friend who they seemed to have decided was gay because he acted ever so slightly feminine.
  5. My teacher who told me ‘People of the same sex often hold hands in Indonesia, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean they’re gay.’

So as you can probably see, queer is hardly acknowledged, far from accommodated and worlds away from being celebrated in Indonesia.

I was so relieved when my friend, in one of my first weeks here, asked ‘Do you have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend?’ and I felt comfortable enough to say ‘No, but I am a lesbian, or as I prefer, Queer’. This felt like I had had a huge sack of rice taken off my shoulders as I had previously thought I might not had felt like I could tell anyone. Since then we’ve had numerous discussions about this and although quite a lot of it has been me educating him about it as it’s not something he’s had much contact with, it’s led to me being very offended on numerous accounts. There’s been the token questions such as ‘So when and why did you decide to be gay?’, and a discussion about attidudes in Indonesia where I said something along the lines of ‘it’s such a tragedy that so many people here and around the world are living hiding their identity and living in fear of people finding out’, which led them to say ‘How can you know there are lots of gay people here, it’s not part of our culture so there probably aren’t many’. They’ve also often made homophobic jokes containing damaging stereotypes and making a mockery of something which for so many people is a massively important part of identities and lives.

I’ve stood up to these comments and jokes, i’ve tried to make them see why who you love doesn’t change who you are, i’ve tried to make them understand that if you say you’re anti-homophobic, anti-racist etc you can’t go around making these jokes and saying these things because they’re a huge part of the problem and they make the culture even harder to change but my attempts have got me no further than anger, tears and being told ‘Calm down, I don’t actually think those things’ and I can tell you now, combating these things and the repeated conversations that leads to is bloody tiring. In my worst state, i’ve been sat on the back of a motorbike in the middle of a traffic jam, tears of anger, frustration and upset rolling down my face, trying to think of the perfect words to try and convey my feelings without be being worn down any more. But sadly, none of my anger, my emotion, my arguing, even my calm explaining for a considerable length of time has made much, if any, difference.

I grew up in a very supportive family and group of friends, I’ve been open with everyone I know about my sexuality from as soon as I realised myself, I’ve grown up in Woodcraft where there is always healthy discussion and workshops about Gender and Sexuality, I’ve attended Gay Pride marches, educated many of my friends about lots of things surrounding Gender and Sexuality, campaigned about LGBTQ+ rights and always tried to be a great friend to anyone who doesn’t fit into our societies excludingly small amount of accepted identities. This has always been something i’ve felt strongly about and wanted to change, but now, more than ever. After 6 months of living, hiding my identity from everyone I know other than one person I trust very much, I’ve had a taste of what it’s like to not be acknowledged by society, to be told that unless you fit a few criteria you’re not accepted, to be offended in a way that makes you feel like an outcast, to be worn down to not much more than a pulp after trying to stand up for what you know should be ‘terbiasa’, or just accepted and not seen as anything out of the ordinary; and all in all, to live in fear of people finding out and reacting in a way that is incredibly soul ruining.

Today I woke up and I felt drained, for nearly 6 months an important part of my identity has been hidden in the back of my closet waiting till I get wound up enough to try and stand up for myself and for a huge international community. That’s only 6 months, half a year, 1/40th of my life so far but it’s led to me pining to get home and be able to let this part of me out of my closet and into the lime light. I can’t even begin to imagine the fear and suffering people are going through and some go through for entire lifetimes, and the crippling pain people must experience in countries where LGBTQ+ isn’t just ‘not acknowledged’ but criminal.

HUGE AMOUNTS OF SOLIDARITY for anyone who’s not able to let their true colours shine, be that a fear due to your countries laws, a fear of being made a mockery or a fear of being abandoned; however big or small, there are so many others in the same situation as you, keep faith and we can change things together. I urge each and every person reading this to do what they can for world-wide LGBTQ+ rights and I hope that positive change continues to happen, with countries watching the change in more progressive places and realising that it’s incredibly beneficial to all of society to get rid of these awful attitudes, laws and cultures. One thing I’ve got from my struggle here, is that one person can’t get much changed on their own, we need to work together to change attitudes, change laws and change cultures. The world has already come a long way in terms of LGBTQ+ rights, but there’s still a very long way to go… so keep educating, keep discussing, keep posting, keep campaigning, keep sharing, keep thinking keep positive, and most importantly, keep proud.

-AFTERNOTE- Please share this far and wide but if you repost this article on Facebook/Twitter, please do not tag me as friends from Indonesia could see. Thank you.



14 March 2014 - 12:15am
Would you like to get new experiences and volunteer in a like-minded child and youth organisation in another country? With the European Voluntary Service project of the International Falcon Movement-Socialist Educational International this is possible!You can now apply to become an EVS volunteer in one of 9 member organisations of IFM-SEI or in the central office of IFM. The service will last from February to December 2015.

Woodcraft Folk members can apply for the following organisations:
- KKSP (Indonesia)
- OGCEYOD (Cameroon)
- CHAP (Peru)
- Nueva Generacion (Bolivia)
- Acacia (Colombia) 

Doing a ‘European Voluntary Service’ (EVS) with IFM-SEI means:
• Living for 11 months in another country (February to December 2015)
• Preparing the EVS and a common project together during a seminar in December 2014
• Working in another member organisation of IFM-SEI
• Discovering another country and learning another language
•Being part of the global ‘Partnerships for Participation’ project: setting up a local child participation project, sharing experiences and getting training together with other volunteers

Detailed information is available here. Be quick, the deadline for applications is 20th March!

Queer Easter applications open!

14 March 2014 - 12:03am

Date: 14th-21st April 2014

Location: Werftpfuhl, Germany

Age range: 18-30 (ish)

Theme: From margins to the centre – Queer socialist activism

Cost: 75€ (there will be help towards travel costs, talk to your districts about help with the participation fee )

How to apply: fill in the form here: NB Registration is not a guarantee of a place, it is an application to be part of the delegation from Woodcraft Folk

Deadline for Applications: 1st April 2014

Click here for further details of the seminar.

Want to know more about what attending an IFM seminar is like? Click here to read more about Emily’s experience of last year’s Queer Easter!

Questions? Email




Opportunity in Sarajevo: Attend the Peace Event Youth Camp!

4 March 2014 - 12:52pm

Aged 18-25? Interested in attending the Peace Event Youth Camp in Sarajevo? The Movement for the Abolition of War is offering a bursary (covering travel from the UK to Sarajevo, travel insurance and accommodation at the Youth Camp) to enable a young person to attend.

The deadline for applications is 14th March 2014. For more details, including how to apply, click here. Have a look at the website for further information on the event.

Questions? Email



Project Fund Applications

19 February 2014 - 6:00pm
There are many ways to get involved in and change DFs; attend and run a discussion at a Thing, stand for a role, run a group night, come to and submit policy changes to Althing, create a workshop, make a piece for the Zine…

PFAs are just another amazing way for anyone to get involved in DFs with their own ideas in their own way. Simply put, a PFA is where you apply for a loan or a grant from DFs to carry out your own project, run an event, run training or get something you need to run a workshop. PFAs are deliberately designed to accommodate a wide range of your ideas, your ambitions and your plans.You use the form as a basis to help think through what you’re wanting to do then email the form to the projects rep and DF committee will discuss whether to give/loan you the money. Some examples of past PFAs include; repairing the DF sound system, leader training, DF badges, DF tattoos, MEST-UP training, travel to AG, Share working groups, advertising DFs at various events and more I just don’t know about.

Those nights spent dancing and singing at DF camp 2013 wouldn’t have been possible without a PFA to fund the fixing of the sound system

 What people who have used a PFA before say: Louise Delmege
‘PFAs are a really simple and useful form. They make sure you’ve thought through the financial options for your project and have a proper plan before you’re given the money. They’re also a great way to get any extra help and support you might need. DF Committee are responsible for safeguarding DFs finances so they’ll give you as much help as you need to make sure your project goes well and uses DFs money wisely.’   Alec Mezzetti
‘The process was incredibly easy, and the money was really helpful. It allowed us to upgrade and repair the sound system in time for DF camp and pay for a small amount of sound training on the event itself. My advice for anyone applying is to try and think how your project can effect the largest number of people possible, potentially by including training or workshops on events relating to the project.’   Jess Poyner
‘I found the PFA application really easy to fill out as it’s clearly laid out and asks for details which help you to work out how you can best achieve woodcraft aims & principles/help DFs with the money given to you by DFs. The money was really useful as it was the fee of registration for AG and my travel so that I could get to the event. I was able to run a welcome/games session to introduce new DFs to what we do on a national level and also set up a stall with fliers and posters to encourage people to come to our future events. Without the money I would not have been able to make it to the event and promote DFs.’

Here are the lovely people who will look at your application

Who’s on DF Committee? 2013/14 from Span That World on Vimeo.

So think back to that idea you’ve had for a while but never did anything about, or that conversation you had with a friend about that cool thing you two could do, or perhaps take the discussion of how you or your district could use a PFA to a group night. The only absolute musts for a PFA are; it must not conflict with Woodcraft aims and principles, it must benefit DFs, there must not be a free viable alternative and it must be cost effective.

 Get the PFA form here

For any enquiries, help filling out the form or fleshing out your idea or to submit an application please email:

The Share: Lammas Trip April 2014

9 February 2014 - 9:46pm


 Woodcraft Folk are getting sustainable with the latest in a series of green skills training for DFs and Kinsfolk: The Share.

As part of the Share Project, we are offering Woodies a mind-blowing week-long training course in earthbag building, organic veg growing, knife and saw sharpening, cob building, permaculture herb spirals, timber framing, cutting and joining and a tour of a internationally recognised permaculture community.

Lammas is an eco village in South Wales where 9 families are building their houses in eco techniques and natural materials.

Open to all DFs (all Kinsfolk ages are welcome too) – You must be a Woodcraft Folk Member to come. I will be checking!

£20 per person – pays for accommodation and breakfasts. All other meals will be provided in exchange for labour on plots. WWOOF style volunteering (9am-5pm[ish])

Nearest Train Station is Clunderwen (CUW)
Travel from there to the site is easiest to hitchhike, I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to get a lift. There is a very very irregular bus I think..

There are no plumped in toilets, only compost ones and trees/bushes.
There are no showers/Baths/Lakes to wash in, only taps and sinks.
This event will be camping

The next trip to Lammas will be 20-27 April 2014. (you don’t have to attend all week if you prefer)

Booking is now open!! Fill in the form below


Follow all updates from Facebook here !

If this hasn’t convinced you check out this video made from the last trip


The Share Trip at Lammas Eco Village from Lily Bowler on Vimeo.

EVS Opportunity in Brussels

28 January 2014 - 8:56pm

Our Belgian friends are looking to host an international volunteer through the European Voluntary Service from October 2014 until August 2015. This is a fantastic opportunity for people aged between 18 and 30 who are active members in any IFM organisation. This placement may involve projects such as Rainbow Resources, tackling the culture of violence and working with a local Rode Valken group and many other exciting things!

For full details, click here.

Application deadline 15th February 2014.

If you have any queries, please contact or


International Seminar Dates

28 January 2014 - 8:29pm

As DFs we’re part of Woodcraft Folk and as part of Woodcraft Folk we’re part of IFM-SEI, which means that we have plenty of opportunities to engage with other young people from across Europe (and the world). IFM runs seminars in the Kurt Löwenstein centre near Berlin throughout the year, here are the dates and themes for 2014:

16th – 23rd March:  Workers and internationalism and trade unions and cooperatives

14th – 21st April: Queer Easter: Activism & Discrimination within the left/ LGBTIQ + Socialism

11th – 18th May: International system, International law and Human Rights

24th – 31st August: Summer School on Feminism

27th December 2014 – 3rd January 2015: Winterschool on Migration

We’ll be sent further information about these seminars approximately two months before they happen. If you would be interested in representing DFs and Woodcraft Folk at any of these events, please contact me (Anna) on


Gender Data

11 January 2014 - 1:05am
So why do we ask about your gender when you book for DF events? Now you can find out.

It’s because we like graphs. We like using graphs to check out what genders of people we’re appealing to. Does this information have any practical purpose? Not really.

In an ideal world the gender mix at out events will be about the same as the gender mix in society as a whole. This would mean we’re fairly representative of society and appealing equally across different groups. But, sadly, this isn’t an ideal world.

Sadly, this world’s got a lot of hate for people because of their gender. People are restricted in what they can do, where they can go, in their access to justice and fair pay, and they have limited places where they can be safe.

DFs it seems, is one of those places.

All of the 22.9% were unspecified save for 3 who were variously genderly ambiguous.

All others/unspecified were unspecified except for one person who answered that they are “Laydee” when they feel like it.

3 people at DF Camp put “other”, the rest of the 9.4% are unspecified.

Thank you to our fabulous shadow treasurer Nick for making these graphs.

Volunteer for the European Youth Event 2014!

9 January 2014 - 2:15pm

Aged 18-35? Interested in helping to run a youth event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg? Available 17th-19th February and 6th-11th May 2014?

Look no further!

Deadline 15th January 2014, apply now!

There will also be a delegation from IFM (or which the Woodcraft Folk is part) going to the event, more information on how to get involved coming soon.

DF Zine #11 submissions open

3 January 2014 - 5:21pm

Spring is approaching and with it comes the next edition of the DF Zine.

The theme this time is ‘Points Of View

It’s a very open theme and I want to pack as much content in as possible, think perspectives, opinions and viewpoints. This issue will be unashamedly biased, full of content from the unique frame of reference of the creators. Do you have an opinion on a topic you want to share? I’m looking for written pieces, photography, art, comics, poetry, and anything else you can think of. Have a good idea but not the technical skills to accomplish it? let me know and we may be able to create a collaboration with someone else.

The email to send contributions to is:

Deadline: end of February

Scottish Thing Bookings open!

2 January 2014 - 7:26pm

Do you have something you want to change about DFs?

Do you want to experience wonderful consensus decision making?

Do you want to voice your opinion and feel empowered?

Do you ant to know more about what’s going on with DFs?

Then YOU should come to Scottish Thing 2014!

‘Things’ are DFs business events. They happen three times a year in various regions of the country. Things are a chance for us to discuss what’s going on with DFs, keep things running smoothly, MAKE STUFF HAPPEN, get excited and enthused about the District Fellows movement!

You don’t have to be from  Scotland to attend Scottish Thing, DFs from all over the country are welcome to come to debate, discuss and  deliberate.
If it’s your first Thing then it’s totally FREE! Otherwise it’ll cost you £10.
Unless you are a committee member or event coordinator. OR you feel you are doing something exciting for the DF movement that needs discussing. If you think you are one of these people who deservers an expensed place at Scottish Thing then email with what you want to bring to the meeting.


Scottish Thing will be from the 7th-9th of March

Lawping Lodge, Paisley, near Glasgow

Book trains to Glasgow Central or a station in Paisley ASAP if you are planning to attend.

To Book simply fill in the booking form below.

If there is anything that you feel needs to be discussed, or you want to add to the agenda then please email suggestions to



Spring Awakening Booking Open

26 December 2013 - 9:37pm

See the beauty of the countryside, smell the fresh scent of springtime, feel the magic of time spent with friends, listen to the calm of the forest and taste the adventure. Awaken to 2014′s first and cheapest Big, National DF event.

The nearest Train station is Banbury, 3 miles from the site.

The postcode of the site is OX15 UK

Make cheques out to “The Woodcraft Folk DFs“. You can pay by cash or check in advance or upon arrival. Post Payments to

Spring Awakening 2013

62 Broomgrove Rd



Any questions, check out our events FAQ page by clicking  here.
Email any other queries to

Beds are available for those with accessibility needs that require them.

Venturer Ctte Update

23 December 2013 - 4:48pm
This year’s Venturer Committee had their first meeting that took place from the 8th to the 10th of November, back in nostalgic Drum Hill.

We were joined by several members of the Venturer Camp team so we could go over how the event went and how Venturer Committee should work now that V Camp 2013 is in the past.

We’ve decided on five new, exciting projects to get our enthusiasm off the ground.

The projects are:

  • Venturer Secret Friends which – led by Jake T,

  • Venturer Group Linking – led by Mollie,

  • Venturer Leader Resources – led by James,

  • Joining the Military Out of Schools Campaign – led by Lara & Luke,

  • Venturer Events to be organised in each region next summer – led  by regional reps.

Keeping Venturer Committee sustainable is our long term and most important project. Which we are all working on together. We’re looking into several potential sources of funding. We hope that the Woodcraft regions will help us out for a little bit. We’re being considered by GC and may be able to receive some core funding. We’re also researching potential grant opportunities. Ours is a new and exciting project and we’re hoping to appeal to many groups wishing to support young people.

Overall this was a very productive meeting and this new way of structuring Venturer Committee, with people heading various projects and the new chairing team in place, looks like it will allow us to do even more great things to help Venturers!