Youth-Led Projects

Is your group passionate about something? Wants to get involved in a community issue? Needs a new idea to refresh the group? Why not run a project?

Here are some key ideas when thinking about your project:

  • Could the project be led by young people?

How can young members be involved in the creation, development and making it happen? The young people could have the original idea, help develop an existing project or be the main planners and deliverers.

  • Can you work with a group outside of Woodcraft?

It's great when Woodcraft groups building a relationship with a local organisation or group i.e. local youth club, charity or local branch of another national organisation. The project can be created with them (campaign in a local issues) or created to engage them (a community event). The project could be the start of this relationship or the development of a existing one.

  • Is the project thought out and planned? 

Using the resources provided, will help you make sure the project is planned and thought out.

  •  Does it have a positive impact on your community?

Could the project have a positive impact on your community such as improving a local open space or raising awareness of a key local issues?

For help with your ideas, details about past rojects can be found here. Also details of other national Woodcraft projects can be found here


For help with funding ideas please visit the funding section of the Woodcraft site here.

Other possible funding could come from the Co-Operative local community fund.

While DFs can apply for the Roots Fund.

Useful resources

We have a range of resources to support you to create, plan and run a project

The Project Support guide

Choose it, Plan it, Do it, guide

Group Night Activities

Action Projects Workshop Plan

Leading for the Future

Case Studies featuring projects:

Case Study 1

Case Study 2 

Case Study 3

To help groups create a project we have created a group night session, the session plan can be found below. We have also attached past resources used in the TREE project including the application form and details on a session to create a panel.

So why not set a night aside this term to sit down and plan one with your group. 

Already doing Leading for the Future? Then a project is perfect for section 3, Leadership in our Community. Find Leading for the Future here.

Young member's recommendations:

  • Use a simple and passionate idea or one from the community itself
  • Start with a community groups such as a local charities
  • Use the fund to start a campaign or create a website
  • Encourage groups to just get involved and don’t be afraid
  • Go to a community fetes, run a stall at a local community event or even run your own event.
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