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Contribute to The Courier

  • If you have an idea, a suggestion or pitch, the editiorial team would love to hear from you. Drop them a line by emailing


Edit The Courier

Editors are a small team of hard working grafters (a bit like moles or librarians) who lay a paper out, guide it's overall thrust, commission and curate content but write little themselves. If this sounds like a role you would be interested in then let us know!

To apply you need to send us a slice of creativity. This slice could be anything from some written work or a CV, a radio show/ podcast or a video, a long and engaging email or a giant drawing of Justin Beiber, a small portfolio of little projects or some evidence that you are really good at participating in meetings to a copy of a DF zine you were involved in making. Anything really, so long as you are proud of being a part of creating it and believe it demonstrates your commitment to sticking projects out. Pick or create whatever you think best showcases the skills you would bring to the Courier team.

  • Once you have your slice email is to