Your donation

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Some examples of what your donation will be used for include:

  • supporting local groups with training, resources for activities and events, safeguarding checks, and insurance.
  • supporting volunteers to organise events and campaigns - everything from practical resources for running group nights to managing staff for international camps.
  • obtaining project-specific funding for short and medium-term initiatives such as our new groups project, which trained over 200 new volunteers and created 800 new places for children, or the heritage project to celebrate our 90th anniversary in 2015.
  • working with a range of organisations (e.g. IFM-SEI our sister organisation which gives our children and young people access to international opportunities in Europe and beyond).
  • running the Woodcraft website as a resource for members and as a means to communicate with the wider public.
  • operating Woodcraft’s democratic decision-making arrangements (e.g. our annual general meeting and the meetings of our elected General Council).
  • maintaining Woodcraft’s registration with the Charity Commission and Companies House and ensuring we stick to laws and regulations.

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Published 18th April 2017