Young Trainers

The Young Trainers Programme was specifically aimed at supporting and developing young people under the age of 25 to become trainers within Woodcraft Folk. Young people had been able to become trainers before TREE started, but without specific encouragement or training, and our network of volunteer trainers tended to be those with years’ worth of experience, who themselves didn’t have much support to try and meet the many training needs of Woodcraft Folk. The Co-operative College created and ran a Young Trainers training course as part of TREE, and we connected as many new Young Trainers as we could with opportunities to put their skills into practice at Woodcraft Folk events and also external events.

They are now able to use these skills not only within Woodcraft, delivering training to support local groups, but also use them to gain future employment as the training was accredited through the ASDAN Activity Award. If you’d like to have a Young Trainer facilitate sessions in your group, please contact

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