Young Leaders


As Venturers, DFs and young Kinsfolk you may be interested in volunteering with Woodcraft Folk. We need and welcome your contribution - you are the future of Woodcraft Folk.


You might be unsure of how to go about volunteering or you might already volunteer as a leader or helper. You may even want to find out how to take on a leadership role.

Where ever you are with your volunteering journey, below are some useful places to get more information. Some people already have an idea about how they want to volunteer, others aren’t so sure.

Some volunteers want to work with a younger group or in a particular role such as at camp, or organising a particular event, for others it may be supporting other people in their community who are looking for opportunities to volunteer, for example those doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme; some volunteers want to let more people know about Woodcraft Folk and the amazing things we do.

New Volunteers and new leaders should take a look at the 'new volunteers & leaders' page which will give you lots of ideas and information and give you a generally good idea of where to start.