Woodcraft projects

Groups and individuals in Woodcraft Folk take action on many issues, including climate change, racism, perceptions of young people and sustainable energy.

Below are a few of the ways Woodcraft Folk are currently working to make their community a fairer, more sustainable place. Some projects are internally focussed, some reach out into their communities.  

To get involved in a Woodcraft Folk project or to find out what exciting things we have coming up, please email to info@woodcraft.org.uk

Current projects

Royal Academy 

Woodcraft Folk are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with a team of engineers to address the climate emergency.The team of 50 engineers will work alongside Woodcraft Folk volunteers to create new educational resources looking at engineering solutions to the climate emergency, inspire young people to take action on climate change in their homes, schools and local communities and encourage young people to explore STEM careers. 

Climate Science Education Project

Woodcraft Folk are excited to be working in partnership with the National Association for Environmental Education to look at climate science and peer education. The ‘All Change’ project will be linking up with Friends of the Earth to co-ordinate a symposium looking at how educators can support the emotional wellbeing of young people as they learn about and take on action on climate emergency.


Running in Birkenhead and London, PlayOut is an outdoor play scheme that makes Woodcraft's co-operative games available to any children in the community, whether they've had any contact with Woodcraft Folk or not. PlayOut workers take games and craft to thousands of children in parks each summer.

DF campaigns and projects

The District Fellows movement has developed a massive range of projects and campaigns over the years, tackling issues like human trafficking and nuclear energy, and delivering peer education and support.


Previous projects 

New Groups - Eastern Region  

Woodcraft Folk's current development project will see us grow new groups for Pioneer, Ventuers and DFs in the Eastern Region, focusing on locations in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

Throughout this project we will be drawing on the tools and resources developed as part of the 2014-16 New Groups Project.

The TREE programme 

TREE was a response to young people in Woodcraft Folk, who told us that they wanted more support to get involved in Woodcraft, doing more and having more of a say at all levels of Woodcraft decision-making. The TREE team of staff and volunteers helped create more opportunities for young people to influence the organisation and supported young people who were already involved in Woodcraft democracy. We also reviewed the way Woodcraft works to ensure that we're as accessible as possible to young people of all abilities and backgrounds. 

TREE stands for training, representation, equality and engagement.

The Powerpod

Delivered by young people for young people, the Edinburgh Woodcraft Folk Powerpod provides an interactive and fun introduction to renewable energy, the climate change challenge and how this links us to the wider world. 

Woodcraft Folk NCS  

NCS stands for National Citizen Service and it’s a real once in a lifetime opportunity that will give young people, aged between 15-17 the chance to meet fantastic new people, take part in amazing residential activities and to plan and put into action their own ideas to benefit their local community.

Woodcraft Folk was involved with this scheme from 2012 through 2015. We no longer run this project, but if you would like to get in touch about our similar work then contact us at info@woodcraft.org.uk.