Wolverhampton 'Creative Reuse' project

Wolverhampton Woodcraft Folk recently participated in a series of workshops in 'Creative Reuse' to raise awareness about recycling and reusing, thanks to funding from the TREE Project.

The Action Project application was the initial catalyst and gave us the opportunity to formalise the children's creative ideas. Group discussions generated mind-maps and showed where ideas overlapped - this is where our project started. One artistic leader recommended a local artist, Jennifer Collier, and suggested that we could use her knowledge and skills in a way that inspired and included the children. Once we knew that the funding was in place, we approached the artist with a proposal for three two hour workshops where the children would make their own creations from recycled materials.

We sourced our materials such as unwanted garments, paper, fabric offcuts, plastic, curtains and sheets from the local community. Donations were made by contacts through the children's schools, a local business and the Woodcraft Folk group.

Some of the group members enjoyed the creative making of things and the re-cyclable side of things and are now looking foreward to showing off their creations at an exibition. They hope it will encourage people to come to their Woodcraft sessions and other Woodcraft members to start an action project.

Although the majority of their group liked participating in the project they did not feel everyone was enjoying the project. For future activities we would want everyone included in the decision making so everyone is interested in the project.

Over a series of sessions, the children experimented or participated in artist led workshops, which gave them the chance, not only to realise their ideas, but to share a common goal though the project. This resulted in interactions from children across Wolverhampton who would not normally meet and empowered them to bring their ideas to fruition, create stuff and make it happen!