Why volunteer with Woodcraft Folk?

Woodcraft Folk runs on the passion and energy of thousands of volunteers. With the support of regional and central resources, local Woodcraft groups decide their own programme and co-ordinate their own events and camps.

Volunteers at Woodcraft Folk lend their time for lots of different reasons. For example: 

  • Their kids enjoy going to the group and they appreciate doing things as a family
  • They went to Woodcraft Folk as a kid and want to give back
  • They want to gain experience working with children, for example they want to be a teacher or youth worker
  • They want to gain experience caring for children because they want to foster or adopt
  • They appreciate the values and ethos of Woodcraft Folk as an alternative to school or other youth organisations
  • Some volunteers come to log hours for schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh which requires engaging in an activity that benefits the community
  • Its fun!

Most of our volunteers are involved in running weekly group activities. Other volunteers are involved at district or reigonal level or on specific campaigns and projects. As a registered charity, Woodcraft Folk is guided by a board of trustees called General Council, this is also made up of volunteers from all over Woodcraft.

The Woodcraft Folk is proud of its work and for over ninety years, we've been working with children and young people, aiming to develop their self-confidence and ability to act in society. However, there are still many areas of Britain, both in cities and rural areas, where children and young people have no opportunity to take part in Woodcraft Folk activities. To grow and develop as we are determined to do means we must complete the gaps in our map of existing groups.  To do this, we need enthusiastic new volunteers - people just like you - to come forward.

Maddy Williams of Brighton Hill Fort District has volunteered for Woodcraft Folk for the last 18 years. 

Maddy's volunteering journey began in 1994 as she researched local activities for her 7 year old son. In her own words it all began with "If you could just help out at one Elfin session", from there she was hooked. Throughout the years her role within Woodcraft Folk has brought her much joy and satisfaction but notably she believes it was her volunteering work that kept her going through the tough times. When I asked Maddy if she could pick a high point, she replied "So many.... a small hand creeping into yours as you tell a spooky story, a cool and trendy teenager saying "remember when you told that spooky story."

Not every week will go to plan - in many ways this reflects the independent and free spirit of Woodcraft Folk -  but even the unexpected events are usually fun and rewarding.  More importantly we believe that what we are trying to achieve is an important and worthwhile aim. As an adult leader, you will be joining a movement with a strong determination to build a better future for us all. As our principles say, we want a world based on equality, friendship, peace and social justice, through active co-operation.


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