Woodpecker Pioneers


Location: St Peters School, Cottonmill Lane, St Albans, AL1 1NL
Meeting time: Fridays at 18:15
Our thriving pioneer group (for 10-12-year old girls and boys) welcomes new members. 
We meet on Friday evenings between 6.15 and 7.45. If you fancy coming along to see if you like it, email stalbanswoodcraftfolk@gmail.com. Or find out more on our website.


We do all sorts of things – cooking, acting, singing, camping, hiking, rambling, parachute games, chasing games, cooperative games.

We learn about the world and about nature and about democracy and peace and friendship and lots of things.

We've had sessions on bats, on pasta, on camping, on Chinese New Year and other countries.

We've been on rambles, paddled in rivers, made boats, totem poles, clay figures, huge flags and little people.

We have campfires and sing songs and climb trees and run around and make friends and get tired out.

We make and try out new foods, learn to cook outside and learn to read a map.

We do painting and colouring and junk modelling and lots of other things. We designed our own hoodies and embellished them.

We love camping and doing other outdoor stuff, including bushcraft. 

We go to regional pioneer camp every year and also camp as a group and a district. 

Every week the session will be different from the last. The grown-ups will change too. That's because each session is run by a different adult as we don't have one leader – all the mums and dads help to run our group nights, so we never get bored of one person! It might be a bit confusing to start with, but you soon get used to it.

And at the end of every term we can tell the grown-ups the kind of things we want to do at Woodcraft – they then have a meeting to plan what we'll do every week.

For further information email  stalbanswoodcraftfolk@gmail.com
Or visit our website: http://woodcraft-stalbans.org