St Albans Venturers


Location: Age Concern Hall, 1a Hall Pl Cl, St Albans, AL1 3SD
Meeting time: Fridays at 18:15

Our small Venturer group started in September 2015, and we would welcome new members. We meet on a Friday evening. If you'd like to check us out, contact

So, what's it all about?

We learn about and discuss the world and the environment, democracy and peace, how things do and don't work, local and global issues, friendship and all sorts of  other things. We organise outings and go camping – as a group, with the other groups in the district and with other districts in the region. There's also a national V Camp every three years so you get to go at least once. Sometimes there are international camps. 

We love cooking – indoor and outside – we've made ovens out of cardboard boxes and cooked pizzas in them. We like making fires and singing songs and playing games – especially wide games with lots of people. We watch movies together and talk about things that matter to us. In the summer, we spend lots of time outside. We've been wild swimming and climbing and playing in the woods. We go hiking and learn to find our way and read maps. We love campfires and bushcraft, too. We cook together and try out new foods.

Everyone can have their say, and everyone is equal. Every term we tell the adults the stuff we want to do and they do the boring bits, filling in the gaps – which adult will help with what, the where, the when, the how. Then they show us the plan and we decide which bits we like and which we don't. We sometime join up with the Pioneers but, if we want to do something different then we can plan an alternative. We can plan all we want — outings and overnight camps or sleepovers and longer camps — as long as we can convince an adult to do it with us as we need them there for safeguarding and insurance purposes.

We have lots of fun together. The adults at our group nights change from week to week — that's because we don't have regular leaders and our district is run by parent cooperative. It might be confusing at first, but you soon get used to it.

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